Nancy Mace on missing F-35 fighter jet in her state: ‘How in the hell…?’

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., reacts to the Pentagon losing a F-35 stealth fighter jet in South Carolina and discusses the threat of a government shutdown on ‘America Reports.’ #foxnews #americareports

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  1. 1
    Ed Jarrett

    This is a big cover up. First I don’t buy the transponder being inoperable. Second, when a pilot ejects an emergency locator beacon is automatically deployed and actively sending. The aircraft also has a separate ELT that activates when the aircraft crashes. It broadcasts on UHF and VHF guard frequencies along with SAR satellite frequencies. If the plane traveled 80 nm after ejection, it would have crashed based on the pictures 30 minutes later. Not identifying where it crashed for 28 hours is hogwash.

  2. 9
    Rich S

    When a report calls a Military aircraft a "fighter jet" I know they are not to be believed! These aircraft are fighters thats it. Unless they think propeller fighters are still used by the military.

  3. 13

    It will take about 2 seconds to interview the pilot, ground maintainance crew, wingman…about another 5 minutes to sift through wreckage to see what caused the mishap…'ll have your answers shortly you twit!!!! Scary to think that Nancy Mace serves the public in ANY capacity……. Has NO clue as to which questions to ask, and 0% chance of understanding how long it should take for a proper investigation….

  4. 15
    Jeff Anglim

    Hey Nancy!!!! There is NO DEBRIS in the "Debris field". Try showing me a piece of wreckage.
    The small dead spot in the woods was probably the result of a small tornado a year ago (or more). This is no "Crash site" You are lying to us yet again.

  5. 19
    Arturo Cuevas

    this is a movie where the enemy sold the government the software that guide the F35, then one day it eject the pilot, continue on auto pilot and land in a secret place, coming soon to a theater near you. Who design the software? Who was responsible in the purchase of it?

  6. 21
    Elliott Bailey

    these planes are crashing or coming up missing, probably in an attempt to siphon the technology by foreign actors. This "pilot ejection" was probably preplanned as an act of espionage

  7. 22
    Tom Madden

    wait till one of them ends up in the wrong hands;don't think for a second it can't happen,they're losing credibility too!!!!the Biden administration SUCKS to the very core 🖕🖕🖕🖕every one of you!!!

  8. 30
    Gator Gar

    Comment from this former USAF pilot: the to-date, mute, USAF pilot left the F-35 on autopilot so why in the hell didn't he set the jet's heading to ninety-degrees (90) due EAST, out to sea?

  9. 34
    Carl MASSEY

    Simple get away with a F35 !
    Create a scene with a pilot and an ejection seat! While the actual jet is heading in the opposite direction!
    So much BS with this F-up corrupt government!
    Sleepy Joe trying to come up with money for his son's attorney fees!
    All BS to the side
    There was an aircraft Carrier nearby to accept this plane..
    And now it is below Deck!
    Aircraft carriers set up as fueling stations Until they get it where it's going..!
    All this takes is a creative mind to do such as this!
    Better put sleepy Joe in his basement!
    It could be one wild pissed off Patriot gone off the deep end! 🤣

  10. 35
    Roy Mackey

    This is fun!!!! Check out the debris field. Just like that time the airliner hit the pentagon and all the parts just vanished!!! I guess the docile Americans bought it then so they will likely buy it again!!! Hilarious!!!… I would be watching mr. bidens shell companies for some recent huge deposits fresh in from china!!! Wasn't Hilarious, if she got in, going to fake losing a war with china so they could erase the pesky constitution and get on with their "one world government"????

  11. 36
    Restore America

    There is something stealthy going on, and it’s not the plane! Normal Pilots don’t eject from $100 million planes that are still air worthy to just fall wherever. They also don’t or shouldn’t let the public and world know there is a Top Secret Military jet wreckage or intact for anybody to go hunt and walk through. Ex-military and that is very strange indeed. What’s next, hey we lost a nuclear warhead, could somebody go find it for us and give us a call!

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