‘Move the f****** spending bill’: See Gaetz response to McCarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s frustration is mounting over Republican in-fighting related, in part, to defense spending. CNN’s Manu Raju reports from Capitol Hill breaking down issues within the GOP and Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) response.
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  1. 9
    L H

    Oh go away Gaetz. We're tired of your self-serving ranting and obstructionism.
    Try being a politician with policies and projects to help Americans, instead of just blocking all the decent and good policies from others. YOU certainly are not doing the work of the American people….just for yourself.

  2. 10
    W M

    Manu stopped his interview to ask a question he wouldn't be answered by the Speaker. So much of this channel is performative.

  3. 12

    American People, or the ones that I know, what Republicans out of Washington DC or at least out of power. They haven't done anything other than Hold Hearings about nothing that will help us

    They, in Greens words, are after President Biden to revenge what happened to Trump

    That has nothing to do with the majority y Americans, NOT A DANG THING.

  4. 13
    Glena Garrett

    Florida could do one good thing for itself and the country by booting Matt Gaetz in the next election. It would have the gratitude of millions of people. I sure hope his home district is paying attention and sees the sheer vindictiveness and futility of his obvious publicity stunt driven "legislating' tactics as well as his neglect of the district he's supposed to be serving.

  5. 14

    He needs to do things his way and if they don't like it let they do what they want to do, because how they treating him like a child. No gavel worth losing your dignity

  6. 16
    The Doopa

    Shut it down. Its only nonessential federal employees which is good for everyone. The states will still operate on their own as it should be anyways.

  7. 19
    Bobby Byford Music

    There is no Republican Party anymore. Now they are just the reality TV anti Democrat Party. These politicians have no plans other than to oppose democrats every chance they get. It is their fault that we’re falling behind the rest of the world. They are literally still pushing the same trickle down economics from the 1980s. It’s freaking 2023 now. 40 years and no fresh economic ideas. But they’ll attack women, people of color, and the lgbt. Well sorry not sorry I’m not a misogynist racist bigot. I have friends and work with a lot of people of color and LGBT folks that are good people, I’m married to a woman and have two daughters so I’m not having this woman hating BS. The Republican Party needs a reinvent itself, Trumps reality TV drama ain’t it. These representatives like MTG, Gaetz, and Boebart are an embarrassment

  8. 21
    Linda Kelley

    Republicans are the swamp. Worthless drama queens. Why do people vote these fascists in office? Too bad they didnt fight this hard against Trumps insurrection and tax cuts for the rich, resulting in a massive deficit. Sooooo concerned about spending if it isnt money going in to their pockets.

  9. 23
    John King

    The stupid is strong in that Party…… Republicans are that party…… Vote Biden Again and continue the American experiment.

  10. 24
    Michelle Angelique 🧿

    They are not serving Americans, they are serving Conservative Republican ideology. They have ignored the warnings and the signs given them. The time is about to begin. The 144 is here.

  11. 25

    Hmmm. If McCarthy is the ringmaster of the pandemonium circus that is Congress. Would it be in the Democrats best interest to KEEP McCarthy in as Speaker? The chaotic nature with no effective leadership would continue. 😉

  12. 26

    The far right has no ability to actually govern. When their own leader is having to cuss them out due to their temper tantrums its definitely a sign. Every time you give them power they shut down the government. Its ridiculous. Politics is about negotiating and governing is about compromise especially when the senate and white house are controlled by the other party.

  13. 27
    Gia Serpiccio

    I want to have MCARTHY arrested and Matt gaetz the pedophile ,this is going beyond insanity !!!!!!! Why has Matt gaetz close friend in prison for having relations with UNDERAGED girls ? !!! And not gaetz himself ? !!!! Vemmo vemmo

  14. 31
    Dale Nulik

    Pass the Defence Bill so troops get paid? And force 10% cuts to all other departments in washington? That will start us toward 2% inflation? Then? The Fed can lower interest rates before we waste 2.1 Trillion $$$ on INTEREST ON THE NATIONS DEBT?

  15. 34
    Diana Jackson

    We the elderly people have noticed that majorie Taylor green is wearing the pants and Mccarthy is walking in high heels we don't need these weak people to have power somebody is behind trump's rating and it's not all Republicans voters because Republicans voters don't want this government shutdown in a few days because they are on disability checks and military family checks and social security checks and retirement checks and health care insurance and food stamps and affordable medications and affordable housing that will stop if these wealthy people allow our country government shutdown

  16. 35
    Diana Jackson

    We the elderly people have noticed that majorie Taylor green has the muscle but not wizard of oz courage or brain or heart she is just a messenger not a Georgia governor or sentor to want biden impeached a real president to stop biden from doing a great job for all the American people even the ones that didn't vote for him is a patriot get the matt gatze and Jim Jordan that watched boys being molested while Jim Jordan as couch never spoke up for not one child now Jim Jordan is not taking up for our children lives in schools shooting or our women's rights to choose and if they choose to seek health care any where else they will be followed and arrested for life this is Russia play book lock everybody up that speak truth and lock up people that get out of jail and vote lock up bidens son hunter that did what millions of people do lie on a gun application republican cult want one man biden son hunter to be held accountable is a disgrace

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