Mom takes her 15 kids on 2,000-mile hike

After a divorce, Nikki Bettis saw her family starting to struggle. So, she decided to take her 15 kids, ranging in ages from 25 to 4, to hike the entire Appalachian Trail.

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  1. 5
    Natalie Stephens

    I've watched many adults hike this trail and it's grueling and dangerous in many parts of the trail, so while I commend her for saving her family this is a dangerous undertaking with small kids.

  2. 17
    Thabs Mkhize

    I’m frightened but impressed.

    Also this man SERIOUSLY left a wife and 15 kids?! Goes to show how much stronger women really are 😢❤

  3. 27
    stop thanking ppl for likes

    I'm not impressed unless that mother and father are paying for their OWN kids and have jobs. Anyone can be irresponsible and have that many kids with government handouts, but people don't because they can't afford it and it's ridiculous! How much do you love yourself that you think it's appropriate to literally populate your entire town yourself

  4. 28
    stop thanking ppl for likes

    What's a bet tax payers are mostly paying for her kids. Or you tell me, how does she survive without government handouts? And if you don't know, you're assuming just like me so shove your personal offenses to the side and admit your on government handouts for your kids too

  5. 33
    NanaD & SissytheGSD

    This is fabulous! Creating memories, bringing the family back together, depending on themselves & each other 🙌🏼 Absolutely wonderful! Getting in nature in good for the soul.

  6. 34
    KB Parlin

    When do the children see their Dad? By the time you get 2 states away from your home state, Dad’s weekend visits must become a challenge….

  7. 40

    Yeah.. Someone call CPS 🚮 Just because your shitty marriage fell apart doesn’t mean you gotta drag your kids down with it? Those kids don’t understand how grueling 2k miles is.. I guarantee she didn’t pack an emergency GPS system and even if she did there’d be NO way for emergency transport to get to them incase of something going to shit.. Snakes, cougars, wild animals, mosquitoes carrying God knows what, uneven terrain.. So many things can happen and 7 days of food is all you have just in case? GOOD’t BYE

  8. 44
    Jainen Sydan

    This is an incredible challenge for a solo hiker. Doing this with 15 kids is a remarkable feat. The amount of planning this would take is a feat in itself.

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