Military asks for help finding missing $100 million fighter jet

The military is searching for an F-35 fighter jet near Charleston, South Carolina, after its pilot ejected, according to military officials. The pilot ejected safely after a “mishap” involving the jet and was taken to a local medical facility in stable condition, Joint Base Charleston said in a Facebook post. #CNN #News

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  1. 1
    Matt Dillon

    This is what happens when you hire people based on their intersectional identity instead of their competence. An example would be admiral Levine.

  2. 3

    The news media is populated with the simple minds. A little real research and you'll see the media is just making shit up to stimulate clickbait revenue.

  3. 6
    Raymundo Baptiste

    There is no way they don't know where it is. The pilot know where he ejected so they know where to look. He sounds like a child pleading to his mother how well behaved he was and such a good boy 💕💖✌💖💕 GOD Bless Everyone 💕💖✌💖💕

  4. 8
    Bill M.

    With technology the way it is today, a lost $1,000,000 aircraft & they can’t find it ?? Is this some kind of stupid joke ?? Sounds like a farce. Instead of where’s Waldo it’s now where’s the plane ??? What a f’in embarrassment !!

  5. 9
    Mike Holloway

    I lost my jet today. It likely crashed miles away. Gone down in flame. On me falls the blame. Soon they will lock me away. Throw away the key. I lost my jet today…

  6. 10
    Mark Hartford

    Just one patriotic veteran's opinion but, I do not buy it. Not one bit. A fighter jet crashes and there is no eye witness report? No fire from the crash site? Where is the 911 call? A jet crashes you'd hear it for miles away. Where are the witnesses to the crash? No iphones recording it? Really? Sketchy at best; planned at worst. I have a, shall we say, different take on this: They had to ask the public for help? You do NOT build an F-35 and not install a tracking device that can locate said jet from anywhere on the planet, even in the deepest point in the ocean floor, from space with a dedicated military tracking/location/coms system build specifically for the US Military by Elon Musk. And when an airliner crashes there's almost 75% debris recovered. I'm quite sure an $80M fighter jet is build a bit more terse so…there had better be a lot of debris recovered and they had better make every single aspect of the crash investigation very public. Just how ignorant do they believe us to be? The bigger question is…why? Who is benefitting from this and how much are they getting paid this time? Is China or Iran or Ukraine now in possession of the most advanced aircraft ever built? Who got paid for that? When does the American people get reimbursed for their now missing taxpayer dollars? Should we expect a check in the mail for that? How utterly incompetent/corrupt does this jackwad-in-charge aka Joe Biden have to become and just how insecure does the safety, security and sovereignty of our nation have to become before we finally say in one collective voice that enough is enough and this 'president' must go and I mean right now! The only thing that would exonerate the US Military at this time is to make the black box information publicly available and produce some sound eye witnesses/phone video/CCTV cam/911 call something…ANYTHING! Otherwise, it is past due time for some serious changes to occur in our current government immediately! /facepalm^

  7. 16

    This administration has a skill losing weapons, giving free money to fund wars yet they will lecture their own citizens for not handling weapons properly.

  8. 19
    Al W

    so the stealth plane crashed in a stealth location because it's transponder was left of stealth mode, the government 'stealthely' asked the public for their help to recover the missing stealth aircraft for the preservation of our country's stealth security.

  9. 21
    Russia First -|- RF

    What no overhead flyby spy satellite or somthin?
    Two things: a) The US is backward country lying about everything they say about their military hitech. b) a psyop/false flag operation or conspiracy of a scale never seen before is in the making.

  10. 25

    A stealth fighter is typically untrackable for weapons lock style radar, howver, it can show up on traditional radar as something being present in the sky, it simply means that military radars used for missle locking cannot lock in and track it…. How embarrasing for the US Military LOL

  11. 26

    Maybe pilot ejected plane as had to go to the bathroom really bad..You would think its his responsibility for a 100 million dollar plane..but who cares..We can always build more..His bladder is more important..

  12. 28
    mark tito

    My dog has a g p s on It and they were able to round up hundreds of people from january sixth, but they can't find a fighter jet. This is hilarious!😂😂😂

  13. 30
    Walter Dyson

    They claim a 100 million dollar plane disappeared for 24 hours before it crashed? Just tell they truth, that plane was fucking with a ALIEN SPACESHIP and got SHOT DOWN.

  14. 31
    Buenaventura Sabater

    Maybe it's one of those new top secret experimental jets that besides being stealthy is equipped with an AI computer that became self aware, tricked the pilot to eject and hid somewhere. Just for laughs but not impossible.

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