Merrick Garland: The DOJ enforces the law equally

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland gives his final statement in a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on โ€˜The Story.โ€™ #foxnews #fox #thestory

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  1. 1
    G V

    Pause the video just to make a comment. There's no way I'm gonna listen to Nadler waddle out and say anything.
    Just gonna tell your standard demorat lie. Don't believe your eyes don't believe what's happening, believe what we say. Lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ F the brainwashed blue fascist cult of hate

  2. 2
    Andrew Quinn


  3. 5
    Gary Kirk

    Every American knows there in this administration a definite form of justice or a so called Two tier judicial allotment for Democrats than any Republican other than a Rhino whoโ€™s a Democrat in Decius

  4. 6
    Italian Ice

    The public sees a great deal of abuse by the DOJ and a lack of sufficient action by Garland and Wray to reign corruption itn. They should go. Obama considered Garland the most moderate Democrat judge there was and tha was a clearly a problematic claim.

  5. 9

    This guy doesn't answer questions which means he has things to hide. Horrible administration and evil people. Trump good biden evil its that simple people. Trump 2024

  6. 14

    Every one in the BRIBEn Regime obviously have NO CONSCIENCE.. the ease if which they LIE on a daily basis, to further facilitate the destruction of this country is SOCIOPATHIC in nature.

  7. 21
    Peter Kassner

    so, when offered by someone from his own party, the chance to answer the questions asked earlier, he still didnt answer them, but made a short "political" speech instead. Thats why they never let him "answer" earlier because at every turn he avoids the real question, and just inserts some more political bs rhetoric. Everybody knows the real answers anyway… i hope they are preparing his prison cell right now.

  8. 23
    Tom Wilson

    Garland and his DOJ obviously does NOT apply the law equally. They target the other party and turn a blind eye to the crimes of the Biden Crime Family. Open your eyes to the obvious truth.

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