Menendez rejects calls to resign following indictment

In his first remarks since last week’s indictment on corruption charges, NJ Senator Bob Menendez defended himself against what he called “salacious” allegations and made it clear he won’t resign. He did not indicate whether he’ll run for reelection.Menendez and his wife are accused of accepting bribes in exchange for using the senator’s influence to enrich three NJ businessmen and benefit the Egyptian government.

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  1. 8
    George Banks

    This guy is just A glutton. He's been investigated before. He's just greedy. And if they don't get him this time he won't stop. And his wife should get locked up too. He'll be too soft to say take me and let my wife walk.

  2. 11
    Sylvia Delvaille

    As a lifetime democrat, if you are found guilty, you must bear the consequences including jail time. We dont need anyone to drag our democratic party down into the gutter.

    I wait to see although in the meantime you should step aside and ask for a speedy trial to prove your innocence.

  3. 14
    Salvador Provenzano

    Of course he would deny stepping down.
    Why should he?
    He's a no-good rotten criminal who created legislation to exempt himself from prosecution or being fired all these years!
    If 1/10 th of what was said about what he did is proved to be true, he betrayed his country and is guilty of treason!
    He should not only be thrown out of office, but be dealt with in the most harsh way according to the USMCJ which would govern the Tribunal to decide his fate.
    But, he's a Demonrat.
    And we suspect that he, just like Joe Biden, is protected by the network of Demmonrat Criminals and RINOs who are guilty of the exact same crimes!

  4. 16
    Nicki Snyder

    We democrats don't stand behind crooks. You don't get the team to rally around your crimes like the republicans. Resign we need at least one party that's honest

  5. 25

    Not surprised coming from a Republican…. They do the crime and won’t own up to it.maintain their innocent when they are guilty like there’s no tomorrow: they are good at doing the talk but not the walk…

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