Man allegedly kills neighbor’s son for trimming trees

Florida officials arrested 78-year-old Edward Druzolowski for allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor’s 42-year-old son after confronting the son, who had been trimming tree limbs along his fence line, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. #Shorts #cnn #news

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  1. 14
    Deb BG

    This is what happens when a broken government, a broken nation encourages it's citizens to be fearful, hateful, gun worshippers.

  2. 16
    Jimmy B

    Anyone ever notice this crazy shit ALWAYS happens in Florida, tells ya something about what lives in that lame ass state.

  3. 19

    Eff! Just woke up and why did I put this video on? A scared older man(was he?) shoots a father in front of his son. Accidental (?) but why confront a man with his gun for trimming trees? People have a incredible variety of stupid ways of doing stupid things. I'm effing off this memory maker.

  4. 22
    Lady Barbie Dahl

    MFers think they don't have to call the police anymore if they have a gun. There was no danger to this stupid old man! The victim was CUTTING BRANCHES, not trying to attack the old coot.

  5. 23
    Coleen Goodell

    My God! Deepest condolences to the famiily who lost their loved one to this senseless act of violence. I hope this family has the support they need during this very difficult time.

  6. 28
    Milky Way

    Smh. All these 2nd amendment conservatives always talk tough about what they would do to anyone they perceive as a threat over the smallest things BUT THEN THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS ALMOST EVERYTIME. THEY GET LOCKED UP INSTEAD OF THE PERSON THEY SHOT. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN, YOU CANT SHOOT SOMEONE OVER TRIVIAL THINGS LILE THIS. IT HAS TO BE LIFE AND DEATH!!!

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