Leo Terrell: Democrats are using race card to oppose school choice

FOX News contributor Leo Terrell discusses American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten’s comparison of school choice advocates to segregationists on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. 7

    Leo!!!!! I'm so proud of you!!! Way to confront that thief and it bothered you enough to grab that bag. You're brave and honest. Kudos to you. We all need to be this brave. Criminals should be accosted

  2. 8
    Laura Killian

    Its not race. Its class. Poor people of all sorts have no choice available to.them as it's generally difficult to drive them back and forth while you're at work. Plain and simple. Middle class families generally have better home support as well. So – if the families that can afford shelter and clothing place their children elsewhere, then it's worse than before. The class splitting gets pretty desperate at this income level and it's very psychologically damagung to have additional evidence in plain site.
    Greater than or less than? Greater than or less than? Then One day puberty hits a kid that's gotten the clear message from his community….less than! Less Than. You're not welcome. Stay away from the "nice" families. How will these children feel, whose entire life. Will now be played out in segregation? We can do better. This is an old idea.. Let's think of an idea that will add to the culture. This Is NOT about race '- it's about class. They're feeding us all of.the racial and gender propaganda in order to keexnm Koopp us away from each other.

  3. 9

    Aoc told people in the crowd that mayor Adam s is now a racist just like Trump.
    She has constantly attacking our country s laws she lied when she took her oath .now she will most definitely be punished for every single acts of treason against America 🇺🇸.

  4. 11
    Brenda Long

    Any teacher that would join a union while teaching is not teaching for the right reasons!! There should be school 4:15 choice for every child in America!! It’s time for it!! The kids are not being educated under the teachers union let the kids & parents make that decision!!

  5. 12
    I am Kesha

    She is a liar just like the old senile puppet whose @$$ she kisses. They say things on camera and tweet things but when they get blowback, they lie and say what you saw or heard wasn’t true. They are literally playing the game, we are supposed to be their apologetic lies but not what we read and saw for ourselves.

    As always, listen to her and other Dems when they talk because they are great at deflection and projection. She is saying it is segregation because it does segregate by class, those who can afford private schools and those who can’t. Many wealthy people and union members send their kids to private schools because they don’t low income people to be around their children. You would think they would fix the public schools to make sure they are just as competitive but they don’t want to.

  6. 13
    Southern Peanut

    100% correct. Let the money follow the kids.
    Public schools will never improve or change, unless they’re forced to.
    President Trump on day one in 2024, make School Choice Available, for all children.

  7. 14
    Geoff Simns

    The left (Marxists) are long term strategists – what they are doing now is designed to have an impact in the future, not necessarily right now – ensuring the school system indoctrinates kids into Marxist ideology and turns them into mindless compliance with the state (government) ensuring the future American population is conditioned to readily accept state control over their lives, aka Marxism. School choice takes control over the "education" system out of the hands of the Marxists, and therefore any and every tactic and threat will be used to make sure that does not happen.

  8. 15

    The same people that claim the are the party of further education. Are the same people complaining about children receiving a quality education of the parents choosing.

  9. 16
    Hobby Moose 79

    They, the liberals have been using the race card for all my life. I remember when we were Americans Christians and liberals started making us all fat, thin, black white. They use the discrimination cards all the time, wake up America. Vote Vivek to stop this divide.

  10. 17

    Randi is the only Racist in this scenario..People that actually want their children Safe & Learning, come in ALL races.

  11. 18
    suzy schwarz

    God bless Leo who is intelligent and came to truth along with so many that have been lied to by authoritarian devils increasingly through the last 75 years. Trump 24

  12. 21
    al hutton

    That's the poster child for: "Rich Racist Democrats"! That's nice she still flies her flag. Weingarten is a disgusting example of a human. Glad I'm a Republican.

  13. 24

    How about we focus on not having horrible schools period. Don't need school choice when every school is good. Also, this is America. You do have the freedom to move to a different area with better schools.

  14. 26
    Martin Burns

    That is exactly the issue, Tax dollars funding union strongholds who in turn donate to democratic party members, who in turn make policy decisions based on union benefits, Not the schools best interest!

  15. 27
    Martin Burns

    Mr. Tim Scott, Thank You for being. Actually I thank God for your being, And Godspeed to the family that raised and nurtured your well-being! God Bless Mothers everywhere, Who don't shun their own blessings

  16. 30
    Diana McFarland


  17. 31

    He is 100% right all they care about is money, My family decided to move to Idaho from CA in 2016, after witnessing my oldest child being compleatly brainwashed in a California university. I went to unenroll my youngest daughter from her elementary school & they tried to make me sign paper stating my daughter would be attending the next year, I said no she will be in Idaho. The lady in the office said yeah but if you sign it we will get $11,000 for our school if you say she will be attending. I said no thats fraud! I now homeschool my youngest, I will never trust the school system with my kids again.

  18. 35

    It’s a real travesty to hear that rhetoric from any adult in the school administrations. She DOES NOT WANT TO EDUCATE CHILDREN, SHE IS PURPOSELY DENYING OUR CHILDREN THE OPPORTUNITY FOR A BETTER LEARNING EXPERIENCE, BETTER SCHOOLS, SMALLER CLASS SIZES and MORE! It’s EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING FOR ANYONE TO BEGRUDGE OTHERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN & THRIVE IT IS A REAL BENEFIT FOR ALL OF US! You won’t even be around to see your negative effects on your selfish actions today but you have children, you have grand children and your friends and family will be here to experience life with all of OUR CHILDREN that you have denied better education and a possibility for a vibrant future!
    Disgusting And Shameful

  19. 37

    The question that’s never been asked to these people is why do you assume that only black kids are poor? Isn’t it racist in itself assuming that the only ones that can be poor are black kids? Lol what the hell is wrong with these people? The Democrats have used race as a tool to get their own way and to get bills passed to get their agendas through. They have no problem coming right out and saying if you don’t vote for this bill or pass this bill, or if you vote, Republican and not Democrat then you are a racist. Man we need a change of government like right now. and something needs to be done to expose main stream media like CNN and MSNBC for pushing this crap onto viewers and manipulating and brainwashing them.

  20. 40
    Trappist 1D

    I'm the rrason that any of you even knows who Crispus Attucks was. My first report on him went to the newspaper when I was 7 years old. Give me a break.

    But I will say that if something bad happens to me, its going to be because law enforcement chose to not give me a chance to prove myself, but especially after my sister Denise has proven herself to be a liar, but also she has threatened the lives of me and others on YouTube through recommended videos.

    Law enforcement, this hot potato is in your lap and you can't just ignore it anymore.

    Youve seen me work hard, members of the public praising my good work on their vehicles and already asking for my services BY NAME.

    I am that guy and ive always been that guy and with my track record of honesty and transparency, you can't miss on this one.
    You cant skip this one anymore.
    Youve guven my sister her many chances, and now it should be my turn finally.
    I say for Denise to shut up, get out of my vicinity and let me do what I've been doing, and tgats working for a living, paying taxes and KEEPING HONEST unlike my hopeless sister Denise.

    Its the starting fate and its your time to pull the trigger and get this thing moving. She's unproductive and has done nothing to improve the world and I work hard for Stillwater and keep people's cars running great.
    I want my turn now and my sister can quiet herself for once.

    I mean it,
    Dan the"keep Stillwater driving safe" man.
    And I stand by my work.

  21. 41
    Al Persichino

    😮😮😮😮😮The dummycrats pass a law about a year ago that if a illegal lives in the usa for 30 days and have a work permit they can vote in new york!!!😮😮😮😮😮

  22. 43
    James Edwards

    American people Leo is speaking the truth they want to fat there pockets with the money that the government gives to the public schoolsfor our kids why can't we choose a better school like a private School the government should give us a choice stop giving the money to a public school that teaches the kids really nothing and give them a chance to become something great

  23. 45
    The Ancient Wine & Beer Experiment

    Winegarden is another arm of the globalist elite. She is the real racist for believing she gets to choose whats best for black, brown and white people. She must be deposed before she completes the destruction of the minds and bodies of american children.

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