Lawrence: In a year of Defendant Trump, Democrats must deal with Defendant Menendez

After the recent second indictment for Senator Robert Menendez, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell analyzes the history of members of the Senate resigning and why Menendez should resign.
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  1. 1

    due to the seriousness of the crimes of D. Trump, will the jurors in all cases have background checks to ensure there is no one dedicated to Trump?

  2. 2

    As always, Lawrence, you educate us on so many things, both past and present. Thx for showing that both the Dems and GOP have been derelict and inconsistent in their duty on Congressional Ethics.

  3. 5
    Taylor Sartre

    So, Menendez gets due process while Franken doesn't even get a hearing. Hm.
    And now, the indicted Menendez is welcome to stay. Hm.
    Integrity in Congress has flown out the window.

  4. 7

    High ranking government officials are too well connected and know the rules in order to be indicated . But it's up to their party to expell them and be honest about the crimes their members commit ! Average Americans really lose faith in the justice system when these people get away crime , they be locked up for many years . Politicians need to be sent to prison for crimes that average Americans would go to prison for , period , end of story .

  5. 9
    Charles Gair

    Dumb Democrats Get Rid Of Their Senaters While Republicans Let Their Senaters Get Away With Crime Because They Want The VOTES Of Those Senaters.Criminal Or Not.

  6. 17

    Wasn't Christie investigated for playing games with money that supposed to go for infrastructure, like bridges and roads?
    Wow, he's my age… bummer…

  7. 21
    Human Being

    They forced Al Franken out of the Senate for some relatively anodyne conduct, but they're saying nothing about Menendez? Even if he somehow manages to escape conviction again, there's zero doubt at this point about his misconduct, and it's way worse than Franken's.

  8. 23
    C M

    Wow…Democrats dont have a set of ethical priniples….@at the flip flop attitude on Senator to resign from Committee but not the Senate.😮

  9. 32
    My Opinion

    The Democrats jumped on the band wagon, with Governor Cuomo, and look what happened…Same as Senator Menendez…I have to side with the republicans on this…Guilt is up to a Jury..Although I feel he should take a leave of absents, from any votes, or committee member…If not found guilty he should be restored to full power…If Gov. Cuomo would have stayed, and been able to defend himself in a court of Law, he would have retained his Governship….The Female lied, and I feel this was a DJT, fraud….against Governor Cuomo….As soon as he resigned, she dropped her accusations…She should have been, charged for her LIES…..It ruined a good man's reputation, career, and life…I don't want to see that happen again…

  10. 33
    Douglas Archer

    Hung jury, second indictment, gifted car, certainly looks bad, politics certainly looks bad, democratic governor ready to appoint a replacement and now would be a good time to get a new candidate warming up for 2024 when the seat is up for election in any case. "By Tuesday evening, more than half of the party's Senate caucus had called on Menendez to give up his seat."
    As much as I think the cash at home is not enough to convict, the car is damning and politics is hard, and his resignation, properly phrased, is not an admission of guilt, but just of political realities.

  11. 34
    Douglas Archer

    Lots of people have had banks make 'decisions' or exercise 'policy', taking your money or blocking you from accessing it, or having the bank simply go under (Federal insurance having a limit), and the government, if it decides based on some lawsuit or other legal tangle (and yes, even decent people can lose such cases) that your money must be seized, all of your wealth can be gone immediately. Lots of people have decided that having gold is 'safer' than having all your money in a bank.
    I do hope they have more solid evidence than a desire to have a 'cash reserve' at home. Did seem silly to keep it in suits as that does not protect from a fire, but everyone hides valuables differently. Just having that reserve at home is not by itself a crime or proof of a crime. I would not even convict Trump of a crime based on that evidence alone. Now if there was a recording of a "Perfect phone call" where the guy leaned on somebody to provide a bit of 'quid-pro-quo' for a 'favor', then the cash and gold is reasonable to enter as supporting evidence, especially if the amounts add up.
    His money is not equivalent to Top Secret documents which would be inherently illegal to be in his possession. It is legal to hold money and gold.

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