Kevin O’Leary: UAW’s workweek reduction push will ‘bankrupt’ industry

‘Shark Tank’ star and multi-millionaire investor Kevin O’Leary weighs in on the current state of the United Auto Workers strike on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. 1

    Keep them enslaved eh Kevin. White collar workers work less. Grind the blue collar into the ground. Figure it out corporates. The world doesn’t work without ditch diggers. This I’m educated attitude has to change. I know a lot of educated idiots. Education does not equate to intelligence.

  2. 5
    basset hound guy

    i work at ford, nobody ever asked for a 4 day work week!! ever also working at ford, we can't schedule press time to even think about working less then 6 days a week!! these people that put out a 4 day work week don't have a clue!! trust me on this on

  3. 7
    Mark Pittenger

    So, a 32 hour work week means that some people work Monday-Thursday and others work Tuesday-Friday. Workers get 32 hour week. Company still gets their 5 days of production.

  4. 9
    Lucky Luke

    Here we go again with Fox’s anti EV propaganda. Dealers don’t want EV bc they don’t make any $ selling EV due to the lack of maintenance and warranty requirements. Tesla doesn’t need the dealers and neither other EV makers. They can sell them directly and take responsibility of the maintenance and warranty themselves. That’s why the dealers don’t want EV. Stop spreading lies, Fox…..

  5. 11
    john white

    All this drama and toyota seats quietly increasing yet more market share making better quality gasoline fueled cars and electric hybrids. Buy stock in Toyota.

  6. 18

    The US auto industry is already bankrupt. I once bought three new vehicles. I sure as hell can't now. Buying new is dumb. Live and learn. You people need to wake up and smell the coffee. AI and robots will replace you, or illegals.

  7. 22
    The realdeal_23

    30 Million dollars is nothing for her bouns….stop counting other people's money …. that 30 million divide by 100,000 workers is pennies…. Big 3 move to Mexico or to non union states…Toyota and Telsa employees make the same about without crying

  8. 24

    Well the unions destroyed a steel plant (Kaiser) here in So CA. decades ago. They keep pushing until they push themselves right into unemployment.

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