‘JUST CRAZY, WE CAN’T MAKE IT’: Americans strained due to Biden’s economy

Small business owners Aaron Bergh and Teresa Bowman, and mom of four Amber Bergeron, discuss the economic strain that’s impacting their livelihoods. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 1
    William T Grizzle

    You want have nothing in the stores now all these illegals over here maybe Biden will use that millions he stold from foreign country's to feed the migrants

  2. 10
    Ma.Estrella Pelisamen

    Those illegal alien might takeover your vote , imagine ever since last election Democrats cannot even gather a crowd, . Democrats exercises like Chinese dictator . God bless and aware to the Wales of Demons

  3. 12
    Stephen Collins

    We need to take our country back y'all !!! We literally bail every country out with billions that we pay for! All these ppl crossing the boarder we pay for… All this is put on our shoulders.. not everyone else… Take our country back… food electric housing… It's killing everyone.. I have a good job but Lord have mercy it's hard to make it. And I have hardly any bills

  4. 18
    James Sandlin

    This has been in the makings long before COVID the fed and drunken spending by Congress have created this problem right now if fed raises rates WALL ST won't be happy if it leaves them alone THE PEOPLE WONT BE HAPPY who do you think they are going to help

  5. 21
    Emilia Chidester


  6. 24
    Gwen Clyde

    They are crushing the private sector yet the govt is not being affected. They are surely wreaking havoc and we the people are allowing them to do it😢😢😢😢😢😢.

  7. 25

    A great deal of this inflation is from voter apathy and reliable Democrat voters who are not in tune with these woke government policies. Joe Biden didn’t take control of the White House on his own.

  8. 30
    Doreana Bland

    They don’t feel it, we pay their increased wages and 99% of everything they do/touch.
    Our electric and heating ect is expected to raise 20%+…
    Will that corvette ever be modified to be an EV…😂

  9. 34
    Hobo Joe

    I ask my self .is that big mac burger worth 15 bucks? It will cost me an hour an half labor to pay for it. No it's not worth it so I don't buy it

  10. 35
    Chad Adkins

    Seeing stories like this I hope makes people think…due there research…get facts before you vote in 2024..I use to be a Democratic but not any more.

  11. 43
    D Season

    Rumor says the Hunter Biden is calling the shots in the White House ! Regardless of who is in the Whitehouse that person is Destroying the American consumer !!

  12. 45
    Gregory Schumaker

    The US is not going to get better. We are looking down the barrel of financial collapse. Soon as the dollar is dropped as the reserve currency we are done as the rest of our economy is incestuous and not bringing funds from external forces. The United States has been in decline since we stopped domestic production means. The wealth of the US was a result of being the only viable means of production following WWII we no longer have that. China occupies that position and as a result they will take the lead .

  13. 47
    Thomas Mongan

    The only relevant question is did you vote for this economic catastrophe? It’s called the “Green New Deal” — energy prices escalate causing inflation to spiral out of control.

  14. 49
    Raynold Grey

    Since Biden took office, there seem to have been more unfavorable results in America. These results include effects on the markets, such as price declines and sharp increases in inflation, as well as bank failures. I wonder if the sudden increase in interest rates will help value investors or if it would be wiser to stay away from the stock and financial markets for the time being.

  15. 50

    It just keeps getting worse out here. People have lost so much and will hold such resentment for this administrations policies until I don't think Biden stands a chance of getting re-elected.

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