Judge orders jurors’ identities be kept secret during trials in Georgia election case

Key developments continue in Trump’s multiple legal cases: GA judge grants DA Fani Willis’s request to keep jurors identities secret in the upcoming trials. Meanwhile, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez refuses to resign amid corruption allegations.
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  1. 3

    Every jury should be kept anonymous. Even the andy noe trial where the jury list was leaked. That used to be a crime. Now it depends on political views .

  2. 4
    Deborah Freedman

    We lost a very good Senator, when bogus harassment allegations were made against Franken, and fellow Democrats hounded him into resigning. If things had been done properly, and the ethics committee had been given time to determine the truth, he'd would have been cleared, and still on the job. Let justice take its course, and allow Menedez to be judged by a jury. Don't rush him. If found guilty he should resign, but not before.

  3. 9
    Fritz Pollard

    Either shut up about Trumps single Tweet or logically explain how public trust is more affected by it than a dozen key Democrats in Michigan Mississippi Arizona Wyoming that were not only arrested for election fraud some have already been convicted for both the 2020 but 2022 elections and in Arizona a federal judge not appointed by Trump has ruled the Arizona election board BROKE FEDERAL LAW IN HOW MAIL IN VOTES WERE VERIFIED a board consisting of 100% democrats. Im tired of the blatant hypocrisy by all of you.

  4. 13
    Rich Laue

    In several ways Trump is not much different then a first amendment frauditor.
    I still find it hard that America elected this fraud.

  5. 15
    dave etcetera

    "We have an extra flashlight for our emergencies" lol. Menendez was worried about money getting confiscated from the bank, but not from his house???

  6. 18
    Kelsey Tocco


  7. 22
    Joe P

    I never, in all my life saw America this weak because of one man. Take back your country from the orange tyrant.

  8. 24
    Joe P

    We cant wait to see trump in prison, its not coming quick enough. He should been in prison like three years ago. America has truely dropped the ball on this. Someone must pay for the failure.

  9. 31
    L M

    Ok Hitchinson lied abt Trump in the Beast. If she lied or stretched the truth abt something. How can you trust her words?
    Another is they talk all this stuff and get people worked up abt it. Yet refuse to admit or show anything against Biden or Hunter.
    And the Trump indictments are unconstitutional and we will see who is actually innocent and guilty.
    Whenever you attack a political opponent make sure they have no ammo to shoot back.
    OBiden made that mistake. Too many issues to get past. Way too corrupt for political office.

  10. 32
    king dingaling

    🤣🤣🤣! B*tch please!🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is all theatre. They're just setting the stage so they can get trump off the ballots in a few swing states'. That's the real election interference. The constant attacks on trump and his ability to speak and run his campain

  11. 35
    Peter Fullwood

    The fake news media and the Democrats do everything in secret behind closed doors. You are what you call everyone else and your german N word that you Marxists call everyone else is what you are. Menendez is the Democrat Politician Personnified !

  12. 40

    But if the public non-identification of the jurors doesn't extend also to the defendants and their lawyers, the jurors would still be at considerable risk.

  13. 43

    How sick is it, when a former POTUS actually makes threats against the very People he swore to work for & protect. And that after he abused our trust in the worst possible way (attempted insurrection); he then threatens anybody involved with his necessary prosecution therefore, to the point where names must be shielded.

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