Journalist breaks down ‘next phase in Kim’s strategy’

Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome, according to Russian media. Former Pyongyang bureau chief Jean Lee provides analysis with CNN’s Erin Burnett. #CNN #News

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  1. 1
    Francis Hembrom

    Russia is paying back for Ukrainian long range missiles given by USA.
    Russia will pay back by providing ICBM and space rocket tech science to NORTH KOREA.
    And, something similiar agreement may happen between Iran and Russia.
    Russia may also link Iran and North Korea by its long rail network from vladivostok to caspean sea to Iranian port.
    Bottom line is that, USA has done everything possible to contain Russia whereas Russia hasn't yet started anything like this to contain USA. Till date, Russia has only defended conatin politicies yet not tried to contain USA.
    BUT,now,, It seems Russia has started politics to contain USA militarily.

  2. 10
    Peter Pifagorass

    Imagine alternative reality Nort koreans working for 10kg of fermented cabage per day for building Toys 🧸 instead of China's manufacturing… investors would like that.

  3. 12
    Yan Kok Wai

    Not rocket science to figure out why…Short sightedness of Biden eventually push Russia, NK and CN together strategically. Now getting ready for closer technical, military and economic alliance.
    US in deepshit.😢

  4. 15
    Andrew Lake

    Would anyone actually benefit from such a really really catastrophic idea? Say you eliminate the target your aiming for. The fallout wouldn't be worth it. A dead enemy but even more scorched land that no one could visit without masks? Nukes should simple be off the list. If they can't take on gorilla warfare then they shouldn't fight.

  5. 16
    José Augusto Figueiredo

    An American plane made an approach maneuver in northwestern Russian territory, but a MiG-31 thwarted the action and followed it out, reports Russian Defense.
    A US Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft approached the Russian border in the Barents Sea, but a MiG-31 fighter jet flew to the scene to prevent violation of the Russian border, the Ministry of Defense said on Monday (18) from Russia.

  6. 19
    Marcus Desanta

    The US has condemned itself to death in the rest of the stupid support of hope Ukrainian support it has condemned himself by nuclear annihilation Ukrainian rapist American

  7. 20

    Under the great leadership of joe Biden the world is in total chaos….is this what you Americans ment when you said get trump out and Biden will get your foreign policy back to normal ?

  8. 25
    Sandy Armstrong


  9. 26
    Sandy Armstrong

    While I think it’s logical on in the Role of 3 Murderous Dictators to Merge. I think it’s Equally Ignorant For Republicans to further separate into trusting anyone outside the United States. FBI SHOULD BE AWARE THAT PROPAGANDA ABOUT GUN BANS, CIVIL WAR, and Pots accusing kettles for beginning inter-military/militia internal Cold War within our borders: While Insane Americans Speak 🗣️ of Dividing All of Americas Into Smaller & Smaller Warring Fractions. SHOWS OLD GAURD IS EITHER TURNED DESPOT, TYRANT, ANTI-FREEDOM, TRAITOROUS, OR DICTATORIAL. By three possible causes: RACE, RELIGION, CHAUVINISM. WHICH AMERICA WAS NOT BUILT ON THAT FOUNDATION NIETHER BY WORDS NOR; BY DEEDS!

  10. 29

    And after they had dinner, Putin and Kim dong settled in to an intimate evening drink of wine together and weren’t heard from till the next morning,…😲😂😍

  11. 33
    Jose Blanco Chavez

    The US sacrifices Ukrainian lives and European standards of living to wound Russia, so it's not surprising that Russia will look for closer thighs with other countries.
    The ironic thing is that Europeans and especially Ukrainian are the ones hurting, not Russians.
    The money that the US has spent in Ukraine is more than enough to eliminate poverty in the US for 5+ years

  12. 34

    Brittany G. Trade should never have happened! We gave away the only person Russians wanted. Biden can't do anything to get this idiot back. Except throw NATOand or Ukraine under the bus! That reporter knew better than to go to Russia! And it was to try a find a bigtime story. Well bubba you got your story from the inside! I feel for his family ,but not so much for him! You hard heads that were born after USSR broke up have no idea what your dealing with. You have this image of their being cute and cuddly but their just misbehaving right now. That we should look over what they are doing to the Ukraine! And after they have wiped Ukraine from existence everything will be nice nice again! Won't happen. Moldova and Romania and Poland are next. And all this appeasement is exactly what everyone tried with Hitler before1940 and after Nazis had taken most of Europe and were pressing the British did w act. Pearl Harbor would probably have never happened if we had been showing strength in Europe and challenging Japanese expansion in the Pacific! We let Russians continue and Putin will continue to try and return all the countries that got free of Russia in the 90s back to Russian control! If it goes that way there will be all-out nuclear war. It will be the only way to stop them. It's going to take a major humiliation of their army where it can't be covered up for any chance of a uprising inside Russia and a brave general to put a bullet in Putins demented brain to end this abomination being perpetrated on the people of Ukraine!

  13. 41
    Dibay Gautam

    Well done and not to worry about these dictators they are small dictators comparing with the world dictator USA fighting all illegal wars , staging coups around the world , creating wepons of mess distruction, invading other country in the name of Democracy and for the oil, gas & natural resources, change the regime if they don’t agree or not in the interests of USA , playing dirty politics and so on.
    The world is fed up and awakening.

  14. 42
    Africa, all things considered

    CNN, why don't you talk about the revolution taking place in west Africa, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso. Niger is currently under french invasion. Million blacks are demanding France to leave their country yet France is refusing.

    You talk about Russia invading Ukraine but not France invading Niger and West African countries.

  15. 43
    Chad The Builder

    If Trump wins the next election, it will be Putin, Kim and Trump on the grand tour. Trump would love it so much. Trump would be in Love again with Russia and North Korea.

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