John Ratcliffe: This degrades our national security

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe reacts to Americans being freed from Iran in prisoner swap on ‘The Story.’

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  1. 6
    Joel Vorensky

    Know passionate supporters/donors of Trump the following names, Brain D. Sicknick, Ashli Babbitt, Kevin Greenson (Father of Five), Rosanne Boyland, Benjamin Philips, Jeffrey Smith. They lost their lives (please confirm the names yourself) because of the stoking, inflaming, emotional INCITEMENT TO VIOLENCE by Trump. Whether it's Black Lives Matter or Putin/Trump authoritarianism INCITEMENT TO VIOLENCE IS WRONG! Pam Hemphill was designated MAGA GRANNY by Fox. She spent two months in jail because of her participation in the insurrection, NOW she claims Trump brainwashed her with his LIES, LIES, LIES! Trust Hurd, Haley, Hogan, Hutchinson, Cheney, and Christie!

  2. 8
    Deidre Jefferson

    Biden doesn't really care about the prisoners, he just wants to be the good ole boy. He knows he needs to look good right now, because he's such a schmuck on every front!

  3. 10
    Carolyn C

    I read elsewhere that only 2 of these hostages are returning to the USA, 1 is going elsewhere and 2 are returning to Iran. Is this accurate??

  4. 11
    Lori G

    No American will be safe once this deal goes thru . Obama and the sheep look at this and say oh cool . How much is Biden getting from Iran.

  5. 14
    Man Cave

    I think the Whitehouse gave up on National Security when they let the spy balloon fly over all our strategic missile bases and take pictures.

  6. 15
    Ron Hicks

    That's because America 🇺🇸 is a laughing stock on the world stage because of the mumbling fool who claims to be president of our great country F.J.B and whoever's in charge from his Basement we all know who I'm talking about

  7. 16
    Christopher Wilks

    These people are idiots with open borders and giving terrorists millions even billions to them and every pass possible to attack America on all fronts and from within it's definitely coming.

  8. 21
    James Anagnos

    So let me get this straight we can make aliences against the Russians but they cant make aliences against us? hahaha you people are hilarious hypocrites

  9. 22
    Sheryl Smith

    The Arundel that Obama put together when he was in office was put into the toilet with Trump Trump did away with it because it was bad to give Iran all that money So this tells me for sure that Obama is still in charge and Biden has put everything that Trump did away with back and it's given Iran money again how asinine! Obama sucked at foreign policy and Biden what a joke he left all our military equipment in Afghanistan to be used against us and against a lot of good nations!

  10. 24
    Laurie laurie

    It is so disgusting what is going on in this world. Mankind can be the most evil underhanded bunch of fools I have ever seen. One is always trying to get one up on the other..always. You all fighting over this ball of dirt and none of you are going to keep any of it. It belongs to God and he will decide the fate of us all. When men think they are above God they will find out in short time that they are so insignificant and miniscule in the scheme of things. God will have the last say in all of this. So my advice to all of mankind is to remember that God is watching your behavior and you will answer for what you do here on the earth he created for ALL of us. All of these countries including the US need to come down off their high horses and work together as civilized human beings and try to make this a better place for us all not just themselves. Men are crazy.

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