John Kirby: Military communication with U.S. and China is ‘the line that we want to get back open’

After a Chinese spy balloon was shot down over the U.S. earlier this year, communication between the two global superpowers has deteriorated. White House National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the efforts the Biden administration has made to reopen the lines of communication between the U.S. and China. Military communication is “really the line that we want to get back open,” Kirby says. “We just haven’t been able to crack that egg yet. Because when you look at the tensions in the Indo-Pacific, and particularly around the Taiwan Strait, it is in the military realm where the risk of miscalculation is the greatest.”

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John Kirby: Military communication with U.S. and China is ‘the line that we want to get back open’

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  1. 1
    天 ***** Generalizer

    An incompetent governance blaming China for all its woes and misdeeds.

    The only way they're going to pick up that phone call is when our invasion forces are launched, headed toward China. Or wait to negotiate with the next POTUS.

  2. 2
    Doug InOrlando

    Why? So he can smile and make manipulative promises while planning a brutal back stabbing betrayal? Or to have assurances they can perform in-your-face military acts without everything blowing up? Those military acts of defiance are designed to encourage countries to join the coalition and allay their fears of being abandoned on the front lines, left twisting in the wind.

  3. 8
    India Burke


  4. 11
    John Tucker

    Scanning the comments on here, all I can is just "Wow"! Either these comments are from the Chinese and/or from incredibly STUPID people who don't know anything…..i.e., the MAGA base.

  5. 12
    Travis Cornell

    "Gotta get the lines of communication with China open. Can you imagine how much they'll pay us to sell out our military, now that they're ready to invade Taiwan ?
    And I'm not being selfish. The Big Guy will get his cut, as always."

  6. 13
    ST7A Bad Karma

    Kirby bold face lying to the world about 6 billion to Iran being only for humanitarian aid. The Iranian President told Lester Holt that Iran will spend the money however they want.

  7. 15
    John Feng

    Chinese have been appreciating American's help ever since late Qing Dynasty (US put forward Open Door Policy).

    Here are some information of China-US relations history. At the end of 19 century, many countries joined frenzy to carve up China, US put forward Open Door Policy to protect China's territorial integrity. US and China were allied during anti-Japanese war durng WW2. The Flying Tigers was the most famous army which American fought Japanese inside China! Almost all Chinese leaders who visit USA want to salute the Flying Tigers soldiers or their relatives! USA funded Chinese's most prestigious universities at the late of Qing Dynasty. After China Opening Up and Reform in 1978, USA influenced China so much that all Chinese began to master English (I began studying English from the first day of middle school). Those are some of the reasons why Chinese still cherish China-United States friendship till today! Even after Korean war, Mao Zedong said "We hope Chinese and American can peacefully co-exist for the next 60 years"!

  8. 16
    Suzanne Browne

    Great interview!
    Powerful speech by Biden today. Xi has been removed. The main group of 13 men have removed him. I worked with the Red Chinese in 1976. It is all about the party. Individuals mean nothing….in the long run.

  9. 17
    Do-Bee Brothers

    Neo NASA and burning man micro dose Baphomet 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 the family friendly Abortionist the high temple of “abortion is health care” the new religion of the climate crisis slaves measure. Wherner Von Braungh’s vision fulfilled

  10. 20
    Do-Bee Brothers

    Jeffrey Epstein & Bill Gates and neo NASA Baphomet 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈. The burning man yoga Matt micro dose, guru child care specialist / temple abortionist

  11. 27
    Tyshawn Alivia

    👍.I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $950,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just need creative ideas to afford my retirement.

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