Joe: The president needs to start talking about Trump being too old

During a campaign stop in South Carolina on Monday, former President Trump appeared to confuse Jeb Bush and his brother George W. Bush. The Morning Joe panel discusses the moment and why President Biden needs to go after Trump over Trump’s age.

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Joe: The president needs to start talking about Trump being too old

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  1. 3
    Jeff Thompson

    All of these people are criminals… Trump.. Biden..the whole lot of them are crooked and dispicable…this is all you have in our country anymore..all of these politicians are stealing from the American people…the forefathers that wrote the constitution and the bill of rights are rolling in there graves … these criminals have taken everything that was good and turned it into a huge pile of discrace..all you have now is a bunch of clowns that lie and tell you how they are going to this and that and how they are going to help the working class people who pay all of the taxes and then they just turn around and take more of your money every year…😏😏

  2. 5
    Michael Mcgarrity

    President Trump exemplifies Competence as an American Trait.
    Bidenite Cult Fanatics push the notion America Sucks while trying to make their Appocalypse Religion a Reality.
    President Trump is America First.
    We lost so much under Democrats.
    Burning and Looting Cities and smashing Statues to improve Racial Justice and Minority Child Education.
    Giving all our Money to Boss Zelensky as millions of Patriotic American Citizen struggle to pay for Energy Food and Shelter.
    Paying Illegal Immigrants over $2000 per Month with Free Housing and Medical as American Citizens struggle to thrive.
    Only the Beginning of the Battle.
    America shall not die on Bidens Cross of America Last Wokeism.
    We shall protect our Territorial Integrity and expel Illegal Aliens disrespectful of our Humane Immigration Laws.
    Only the Beginning.
    Trump 2024!

  3. 9
    Tribble Booth

    A crowd of about 400 people in Summerville, South Carolina? Not bad for a backwater
    with a population of 51,216. I honestly can't stop laughing!

  4. 10
    Wf Coaker

    If his psychopathy, manipulative behaviour, divisiveness, and inciting an insurrection don't bother his supporters, his age won't matter to them.

  5. 11
    Matt Alibozek

    Age is really irrelevant here, both candidates are too old… Competence, sanity and intelligence are the determining factors in my opinion.

  6. 14
    Pauline Spear

    MSNBC. Needs to tell the truth. The judge didn't refuse Trumps trial because he had enough evidence. The paperwork filed by Trumps incompetent lawyer Habba. She didn't check the box on the docs for a jury trial. So it was filed as a judge only, no jury.

  7. 16
    stanley prince

    Trump is a wacky doodle he can't control himself how can he think he is gonna be in control of Americans bullcrap nothing but a criminal con job he is that

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