Jim Jordan goes off on Merrick Garland: ‘Everyone knows’ why they did this

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan grills Attorney General Merrick Garland on the weaponization of the Justice Department. #FoxNews

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  1. 2
    Husky Life

    The DOJ and FBI are full of Un-American snakes today! Defund this hell out of these people! DOJ and FBI no longer work for WE THE PEOPLE and it's been very clear to see for a few years now. SICK!

  2. 10
    esrg aergrdtyjdjt

    Jim Jordan, all 5 feet 4 inches in height (something he is VERY sensitive about), is great at weaving tales. If Dems had dumped Weiss as the lead investigator – Weiss being a TRUMP appointee – Repubs would have screamed it was because he was close to uncovering all kinds of horrible crimes.

  3. 11

    Everyone knows?

    Does "everyone" know that the guy who was fired was NOT actually investigating the Ukrainian company?


    On top of lies…

    Which is why the House is only doing an INQUIRY…🙄

  4. 14

    Garland answers a lot of questions by leading off with, Trump appointed Weiss.
    Is Garland saying that was a good decision on Trumps part, when EVERYTHING ELSE Trump does and says, is wrong?

  5. 16
    Andrew Duhig

    Gym Jordan is a spineless coward. He walked out when Rep. Eric Swalwell brought up the fact the Gym Jordan refused to comply to a lawful subpoena for his role in the Jan 6th attacks. Lock him up!

  6. 24
    John alucard

    Get the bank records.all of them.all of the Biden families bank records. Get the telephone conversation transcripts, all of them.release the hunter Biden mugshot today.freedom of information requests.!!!!!!!! Release all information on the Internet to the news .everywhere!!!!!!!!! Let the truth win out.

  7. 26
    Tony Hickman

    This idiot Garland is totally useless, it is tiring listen to nothing from him. Cannot answer any questions this is a typical deflection from the truth. He must be impeached and debarred. He is a Democratic Party stooge. He should be charge to letting the statute of limit lapse. This was a deliberate move to protect the crooked correct Biden Family.

  8. 27
    Brad Barnett

    Any and all evidence gathered/obtained before the statute of limitation has expired is no longer relevant or admissible? That info should now become public record. Accountability connot just be brushed under the rug/thrown out. Tax money bought it.

  9. 28
    Robert Krauss

    Filibuster after filibuster
    Answer the question Garland and tell the truth for once in your despicable life
    Cover up after cover up, how do you look yourself in the mirror

  10. 29

    Jim Jordan's playbook is this:

    1. Put an innocent witness on the stand.

    2. Promote a conspiracy theory by making a speech to the witness while not allowing the witness to speak.

    3. The speech then becomes propaganda, instead of the actual result of the full hearing which is contrary to the speech.

    David Weiss said he had authority to prosecute Hunter Biden anywhere. This was during a hearing where Jim Jordan was trying to imply that the DOJ was protecting Hunter Biden, which is clearly not that case. It's pretty obvious that Weiss meant he could do whatever is allowed by existing DOJ policy and law. He couldn't prosecute Hunter Biden in another country. Weiss said something that wasn't literally true though, and later recognized it, and then he sent a letter to JIm Jordan to correct that error. It should end there. Instead, Jordan implies a conspiracy. I'll be blunt. What Jim Jordan is doing is evil.

    Jim Jordan also lies in this video. He says Hunter Biden said he wasn't qualified to be on the board of Burisma. Hunter Biden never said that. He said he was hired because his father was the Vice President. Hunter Biden was more than qualified to be on the board of Burisma.

    Most tax crimes aren't prosecuted, because it has to be proven that the non-payment was done willfully. To make that Hunter Biden wasn't prosecuted into some conspiracy is absurd.


    ****** I don't doubt Hunter Biden was hired to be on the Burisma board because his father was the Vice President. ******

    Boards of large companies often have people who aren't experts in the product area, including management experts, human resource experts, logistics experts, and legal experts.

    Here's some of Hunter Biden's qualifications.

    Hunter Biden got a Yale law degree. He passed the bar exam in 2001. He also later passed the bar in Washington D.C..

    Hunter Biden worked in MBNA, a financial services company. He was promoted up the ranks to become a senior vice president in the company.

    He then went to a lobbying firm until he left that in 2008. He worked with the US Commerce Department. He also worked with (for?) George Bush, although I'm not sure in what role. Bush appointed Hunter Biden to be on the board of directors of Amtrak.

    He got a job on the board of Burisma. He was already an experience legal board member at that point because of his experience on the Amtrak board.

    He also became chairperson of the World Food Program, USA, and served on several other boards.

    He also was chief executive officer and chairperson of the advisory firm Rosemont Seneca Advisors.

    He has impressive experience.


    This type of lie by Jim Jordan is common.

  11. 31
    Jonathan Woodham

    So much for Defending and Protecting The Constitution in The Oath Garland took.
    Following The Money and looking into The Finances of These Biden Appointees should be performed.

  12. 32
    Wes Blood

    Boebert and fellow Republicans thinks it's OK to vape in family theater(THC or whatever), grab genitals, so disgusting.
    Jim Jordan assistant coach protected his HEAD coach to fondle boys.
    These Republicans has really dropped the bar.
    I haven't any problems with real Republicans but these people are below the lowest.

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