Jesse Watters: WaPo just engaged in corporate terrorism

‘The Five’ discusses Dave Portnoy’s recorded phone call with a Washington Post reporter over a contentious story. #foxnews

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  1. 8
    I am Kesha

    I loved that exchanged Dave had that exposed the media bias and their agenda. It reminded me of the birth of Let’s Go Brandon. By him exposing that conversation with that WaPo so-called journalist, by releasing the recording who was engaging in a smear campaign, resorting to name calling and lying to the advertisers of his event, just to get them to call them back. This is really deep. That journalists was exposed for blatantly lying to get headlines that can ruin lives but nothing happens to them. This needs to stop.

  2. 12
    Ken McLemore

    The woman admitted to a willingness to libel Portnoy in order to set up an ambush piece… this isn't "journalistic activism," it's "actual malice" under the law of libel as defined by the US Supreme Court… Any editor worth their salt would fire her… KDM

  3. 15
    Peter Jermey

    Hes got a history of racist comments. Im not sure really what they are claiming was dishonest.

    Its like when they claimed Harris was dishonest because she read out the new Florida school curriculum.

    Yes sometimes some people are sometimes racist

  4. 23
    David Caunter

    The same WaPo that received a Pulitzer Prize for pushing the phony “Russian Collusion” narrative. The highest prize in journalism for a complete fabrication. 🙄

  5. 24
    Darrel Kenn th

    Should show Biden’s China EV cars and buses bursting into flames and practically no escape time and only BYD ( buy your debt) barely meets safety standards of western countries, China’s EVs industry is another Ponzi scam and out of 500 companies only less than 30 are currently operating

  6. 27
    James Waldrop

    We will hear Portnoy's Complaint. Woodward and Bernstein think that they are the only reporters that ever had a scoop. That is the source of WAPO's hubris.

  7. 28
    Zany Rumon

    So far, five states have moved to kick families off Medicaid:
    Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, New Hampshire, and South Dakota, with more states to follow by October of this year. Some states, many controlled by MAGA GOP lawmakers, are clearly rushing this process to kick as many people off of Medicaid as possible – even people who are eligible to receive Medicaid Imagine, after years of receiving public health coverage at no cost, the state strips coverage away, giving millions of people a choice between getting the care they need, paying rent, going into debt, and feeding their families.

  8. 29
    Zany Rumon

    Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2020 shows that fatal firearm injuries cost a total of $290 million, with an average cost of $9,000 per patient. But for survivors of gun violence, the ongoing costs can multiply exponentially. Harvard Medical School researchers found that gun violence costs the U.S. some $557 billion annually, or 2.6% of gross domestic product, according to the peer-reviewed study published in the journal JAMA. The majority of that cost is attributed to quality-of-life losses among those injured by firearms and their families. WHERE ARE ALL THE FISCAL CONSERVATIVES WHEN YOU NEED THEM?? Make gun and ammunition manufacturers pay for these costs ❤️ or put sensible gun control laws on the books now!!

  9. 31
    James Waldrop

    DDINTD 4 short. But it didn't democracy that is. Nixon got nailed and so will Joe. Gav will pardon Joe. As I have said before. The hair gel is in the West Wing.

  10. 38
    carl fisher

    They are paid big bucks to do what they don't even believe in. Want to be in the upper class? Do as we say and ignore your conscience no matter how bad it makes you feel. That is how the left rules the United States of America. Anyone that stands against them is bombarded with hatred and "where did that come from?" racist insinuations yet they claim it is because they don't stand for hatred. Basically: They don't care as long as they have a good life in a safe neighborhood and don't have to deal with this crime personally. Wait until it comes to their house, it will happen and they will flee like a little "B" word. All of you Democrat Politian's are on the the chopping block, you thought you were elite. You deserve what was too good to be true, cowardly Democrats deserve to sleep on the sidewalk and be laughed at point blank. Of course it won't happen. they will never admit it. Their own fault and they'll just move to a safer place again. Stop with this no matter who vote blue BS. I'm not saying all Democrats are bad and I'm not saying that all Republicans are good. I'm saying look at what they believe in… most just want a huge paycheck. Does Trump care about that?

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