Jesse Watters: Biden’s attorney general reeks of corruption

FOX News host Jesse Watters gives his take on Attorney General Merrick Garland’s testimony on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’ #foxnews #fox #jessewattersprimetime

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  1. 2
    MR G

    The white trash network for white trash GOP. This anchor reeks of crap. Why don't you talk about Murdock exiting given the $700MM+ you had to pay for telling lies to your audience and the Billions more you will have to pay for the same reason? Your leader is going to prison, you inbred idiots. Hahaha

  2. 4

    Ultra low profile Deputy AG Lisa Monaco seems to be the one in charge while garland is the face. Ms. Monaco was up to her eyeballs in the Obama/Clinton regime’s prep work for the Russia Collusion Hoax of 2016, and since her appointment as DAG in April, 2021, is a behind the scenes architect of the new American neo liberal police state. The mainstream media pretends that she doesn’t exist. I wonder when a House committee will become interested in deposing her, especially on the subject of her involvement with J-6 prosecutions.

  3. 9

    If i was them i would hide my face under a bag because i would be so ashamed of who i am i wouldn't want people to look at me. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror but that's just me. They are all going to hell but I'm sure they'll like it down there cuz some evil people worship Satan

  4. 10

    "I'm not the President's lawyer" He's your boss and you have to answer to him and the people of the United States of America. Garland believes he's above the law and can do whatever he wants. Impeachment is required when you have the AG of the USA, is so corrupt and continues this corruption on a daily bases. Time for him to go. Schiff shut up, you don't belong in Congress or any government office at all.

  5. 13
    Chilo Bronzo

    I think all the commentary from so many outlets about the current President, AG, DOJ, FBI, Cabinet, etc. etc. is spot on. But where are the consequences to be paid for their transgressions? How do all these revelations lead to votes in 2024? All I'm seeing is stonewalling by and ignoring procedures, laws, and the Constitution, by the accused and they still are staying in power and proceeding full steam ahead. Very sad.

  6. 21
    Connie Blevins

    Jessie, Why don't you address the fact that the plan of the elite is to bankrupt our country to take it over and Joe Biden is their puppet doing their bidding.He is destroying our country in every way he can.Start waking people up to this

  7. 22

    Now what’s gonna be done about it? Nothing!!!!!! Washington politicians are getting paid by the cartel’s illegal crap at the border!!!! IMO of course 🤣🤣🤣🤣 When are you gonna wake up sheepepole????? Hopefully sooner than later but it’s already later and the country is going down the Sh!! hole.

  8. 24
    judy diep

    Americans are waiting every single SECOND TO SEE THE DAMAGE merick garland is going to be kicking out of the attorney general position. His tongue 👅 deserves to be grinding UNDER OATH TESTIMONY BECAUSE OF HIS ALL LYING 🤥

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