Jerome Powell holds a press conference after the Fed’s interest rate decision

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell holds a presser after the Fed’s meeting on interest rates. #foxbusiness

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  1. 1
    Thomas Rzepka

    Just get rid of the puppet and his cackler and rates will go back down to normal without all this idiotic interest rate hikes that do nothing for the taxpayer!

  2. 3
    A. JAY

    Private Banks are in control of it? huh, Where is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, ISN'T IT ITS JOB TO PROTECT US FROM BANKING SYSTEM?

  3. 12
    Chris Limnios

    They should have hiked another 25 basis points. This is only kicking the can down the road. He keeps saying the Fed is committed to two percent, but that's not going to happen by just announcing this. Especially in an environment with producer costs being pushed by the 2020s ongoing oil price shock.

  4. 14

    SSI, welfare, Biden subsiding illegals. Those are the ones who are spending and shopping. Labor like gardeners, construction and flippers of homes are the ones spending but not paying taxes. Middle class workers are not spending and they’re the one paying Biden taxes.

  5. 17
    Cindy Wolbers

    The fact is Biden is a liar and a crook.
    I wish I knew why Democrats refuse to see it. He has hurt the reputations of Democrats and if I was one I would be pissed. I'm a Republican and am all in for Trump, but it would be really nice if all would unite and show the World how strong we all are. I have never seen the USA in such a mess. When I was young and rising my children I used to be so thankful I didn't live Bosnia where they couldn't leave their home to get supplies without risking their life from getting bombs dropped on them.
    Now I fear my children and their children are going to go thru that horrific life.

  6. 20
    Bill W

    Government Spending and anti fossil fuels agenda effects EVERY aspect of inflation. Interest rates can only do so much

  7. 21
    William Abbott

    Rate hikes are about control over the American populace.
    Rate Hikes+Basel lll=CBDC.
    The goal is to collapse the economy to erase currency value debt discrepancy to produce parity.
    Interoperability of CBDC pilots are being solved as I type.
    Why do We as Americans allow a NGO Private Bank governed by the Bank of International Settlements to control Our monetary policy that is Exclusively granted by the U.S. Constitution solely to U.S. Congress?

  8. 24
    Howard Ebert

    You'll help the economy quit giving it all to other country in the altar illegals give it to samaritas at need it and put Joe Biden his vice president in a prison cell now you take care of inflation input drunk back in office

  9. 31
    Robert Boettinger

    This guy needs to be fired immediately you want to raise more rates how much more Kenny middle class take on it stop the middle class anymore is the Bro class because you guys keep going out in the middle class you’re never going out to those rich people in Hollywood or the billionaires are Joe Biden’s friends that are filthy rich get the middle class a break you need to be fired immediately

  10. 36
    Jo L.

    The FED raises the rate … to MAKE YOU PAY … FOR THE ADMINISTRATION'S POOR DECISIONS, like sending hundreds of billions to foreign countries … while the BIG GUY smiles

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