Jackie Kennedy’s ex-Secret Service agent makes new claim about the JFK assassination

Paul Landis, a former Secret Service agent assigned to former first lady Jackie Kennedy, discusses claims he made in a new book that raises questions about the so-called “magic bullet” theory in the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy.
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    That Landis fellow seems to have squandered his money and needs additional income. The book will sell well among the certain people.

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    I was hunting the other day with 2 mates.I layed up they carried on for a short distance. We heard some shots from another shooter. I heard 4 shots the other 2 said they heard 10.We spoke to another guy later on who said he heard 4 shots? Such a different account of the same event recalled.JS.

  3. 6
    Isaac Shaver

    I believe it was the car behind him. . The agent with M16 popped off the one that brained the president. I believe oswald popped off the on3 tgat went through his kn3ck an connelly

  4. 10
    Kathy Dittmer

    Oh man have times changed! He felt he’d be an embarrassment if he broke down! He witnessed JFKs head explode?? OMG,horrific and there’s nothing this man could have done to save him.

  5. 11
    Peter Russo

    Paul Landis the magic bullet 300 placed on the stain less steel table by JFK feet. The whole issue was this a whole bullet in presteen shape. A whole bullet found by Landis three shots fired from behind and two the right. Clint hill was told and he rendered no judgement on how Landis handled the matter.

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    This man cares so much about what happened that he took it to heart. It affected his level of confidence, he felt personally responsible; most likely through PTSD went on to imposter syndrome, when he was maintaining his composure for those six months he mentioned. The strain was too much with the instant replays he left the service. He was very young, these things stay with you at that age.

  7. 19
    tia loca

    OMG! What a load of horseshit! Clowns must have promised to take care of his family for life if he came out and lied through his teeth. Or maybe the opposite, if he didn't, they'd take out his whole family. Regardless, this is as pathetic as the the other illogical &/or incompetent stories they've given us since it happened. Must be something big coming, for them to be so desperate to try floating this nonsense.

  8. 22
    TJ James

    the truth is President John F Kennedy was killed by the Chicago outfit aka the Chicago Mafia it is continued to this day to be covered up by the Kennedy family they want to continue to cover up the truth of their involvement against organized crime the CIA did not kill President John F Kennedy the Chicago Mafia use the CIA to its own benefit to kill President John F Kennedy the true details of this tragic event that happened over 60 years ago was told to me by Lucky Luciano's granddaughter in Nutley New Jersey New York it was the Chicago Mafia who assassinated President John F Kennedy in retaliation of Robert F Kennedy's indictments of organized crime and it is continued to be covered up by the Kennedy family to this day and always will I've talked to Robert F Kennedy's daughter by telephone and she told me that they wish that it stay covered up and will continue to be covered up by the United States government in the future "case closed" lucky Luciano's granddaughter Lucia told me that it was three Shooters on the grass behind the fence and they also used the Corsican Mafia which was part of the French Connection the main shooter came from Marseille France he was killed by the Mexican police in 1975 but there is one assassin left Mr James files of Chicago he is 80 years old he was tied with the CIA that is the official true story of this tragic situation that never seems to die and the complete truth has never been completely told James files was released from prison in 2016 then given a letter of congratulations for being released from prison from our FAKE president Donald Trump James files has admitted his involvement in the assassination of President John F Kennedy but was in prison for Swap Shop operations which is stealing off of trucks he was put in jail in 1983 and released in 2016 he is now 80 years old he is known as the last assassin he lives in Chicago Illinois I have investigated the complete truth of the entire situation of President Kennedy's assassination for six and a half years I'm a huge fan of President John F Kennedy but I have to tell you the complete truth I am not a fan of Robert F Kennedy nor a fan of his family Joe Kennedy senior President Kennedy's father use the Chicago Mafia in 1959 to help get John F Kennedy elected president he had a secret meeting with Tony Accardo and Sam Giancana with Frank Sinatra's assistance it was agreed by Joseph P Kennedy Sr that gangster Frank Costello would secretly oversee President Kennedy's presidency which totally changed with Robert F Kennedy's indictments on organized crime in Oct of 1963-On Nov 22 1963 Lucien Sarti was the main Assassin leader who shot President Kennedy in the head from behind the fence – He came from the French connection and in place of money he was paid in heroin in 1975 Santos Trafficante had Lucien Sarti killed In Mexico City he was stabbed to death by the police. without gangster Frank Costello's assistance with Joseph P Kennedy senior's wealth of money on WALL STREET during prohibition there would be no Kennedy family President John F Kennedy JFK's assassination was an organized planned out plot by the Chicago Mafia organized crime known as the big event Lee Harvey Oswald drove James files two daily Plaza 2 days before the assassination Oswald knew James files he was close friends with James files because both were connected to the CIA Oswald was set up one of the three Shooters of President John F Kennedy was also connected to the Dallas Police and also to Jack Ruby Jack Ruby was set up Ruby was also lied to being lied to Ruby shot Oswald John F Kennedy's assassination its aftermath was covered up entirely by J Edgar Hoover who was tied with organized crime to kill President John F Kennedy who are President Kennedy's 3 known killers? James files Lucien Sarti and a Dallas police man known as the Mandarin the Mandarin he Killed officer Tippit Who was Lee Harvey Oswald's and James files controller within the CIA? David Allen Phillips Lee Harvey Oswald's wife's brother was KGB inside information the main thing that's appalling to this whole situation is the Kennedy family refuse to interview or question James files at all because they know that James files would lead to their families involvement in organized crime Dirty Secrets they do not want released President John F Kennedy was shot with a Mauser rifle not Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle the rifle was replaced by Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle and the bullets that came from the mauser rifle did not match Oswald's rifle who replaced the Mauser rifle with Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle? the Dallas Police Department on orders by the F B I President Kennedy was shot by an 222 Remington Fireball explosive round one fired by James files the other fired by Lucien Sarti Kennedy was hit with two Explosive Rounds in his head

  9. 25
    John Wilkes

    The Zapruder movie show JFK's brains explode upwards and to the left.. It is impossible to have come from above and the rear, Does Mr. Landis mention that the JFK limo stopped? BS story.

  10. 26
    Ominous Heat

    Oh My fake God! First of all, citing Oswald as embracing Marxism is divisive. Marxism is not a belief system. Marx discussed the foibles of both capitalism and communism but then the Red Scare nuts twisted the philosophers' meaning using him as a figurehead for communism simply bc they didn't like what he said about capitalism; completely ignoring his criticism of communism.
    The third shot came from a hair-trigger Secret Service rifle in the following car. It was a misfire. A terrible accident caused by the intensity of the ensuing situation. But the US establishment did not want to let the world hear that a US made gun had made the kill shot. And to allow the conspiracy idea of communist aggression to spread would only serve the warmongering establishment's wishes. After all, JFK had made it clear he wanted to get out of Vietnam.
    If memory serves me correctly it was the brother-in-law of the serviceman who told the story a couple of decades ago after the serviceman in question died. It is pathetic that the tale is still being spun to hide this fact.
    Yes, it's likely Oswald made the first two shots. It was his MO; he had previously tried to shoot another politician. He was nuts. But hearing CNN still help push the lie that the third bullet is actually a story about a round that did not lodge in deep enough and fell out and blah blah blah…Anything to avoid admitting the truth that many must already know. It just goes to show the lengths any country will go to save face. And yet America still claims to be the greatest country in the world.🤮🤮🤮

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    john hartman

    I was in high School History class. A female teacher knocked on the door . Our teacher opened the door. She was crying . She spoke to the history teacher. He turned to us and said" You can go home. The president has been shot." That was it. A little later he died. My brother was watching the news when Oswald was shot. The SS agent has carried a heavy burden for 60 years.

  12. 29
    David Maxwell

    After seeing some enlargement from the computer it looks like one of the secret agents shot President Kennedy theirs a picture of a gun pointed towards Kennedy head

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