It’s like Biden and China ‘have something to hide,’ expert warns

Heritage Foundation Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy Vice President Victoria Coates says Biden ‘sounded detached from reality’ when discussing U.S.-China tensions. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 3
    Dan Ibarra

    Biden has a hard time hiding things his to skinny but mr china he can hide bidens problems and his with alil space to spare for x 😂happy egg roll day

  2. 4
    Chedda Cheese

    The Chinese police stations in cities is where they coordinate spying with migrants coming over and probably telling them to spy on military bases? 😮

  3. 7
    Salvatore Quattrocchi

    Joe Biden life behavior “Demonstrates” core principles of a “Pathological Liar” deceiving ALL voters without legal accountability, political consequences or financial ramifications.. ITS DISGUSTING!!!

  4. 9
    manny mo

    Fox News is supposed to be an opposition but in reality, it's not they know exactly what Biden is on about, they so him sending his cronies one by one to China to get them to start buying US debt again they know Biden wants to raise the debt ceiling where the money is going to come from? the FED can't do that as it will raise inflation back to where it was or higher, These guys are avoiding this because first, it shows that China is the Boss, and second, if the economy collapses they will get hurt too.

  5. 10

    I think Joe Biden should go to China. Clean up the climate over there. And as far as the Americans are concerned, he can stay over there. I'm sure he'll do a good job for them. Where is it written that he should go there? On the Communist manifesto that China gave him.

  6. 12
    Cash Sosa

    Yea billions of dollars and mass corruption and who feels like they have the authority to do all this just bc he got voted for president he can just do whatever he wants ? So what role does congress and the House of Representatives play then ? Maybe all those ppl need to find a new job elsewhere

  7. 21

    Joe seems to have adopted Chinese qualities, I mean, take a look at his squinting eyes. I bet he likes Ramen soup!

  8. 37
    Nicholas Peterson

    Understand Biden is comprised every hear of a diary entry by a little girl named Ashley? They have a copy too lol! And every time you hear climate catastrophe think lets throw all our money into a bottomless pit. China and Russia are monetarily at war with America and Joes role is to break our bank trust me, anyone else would just explain themselves or resign

  9. 39

    climate is an existential threat. jesus you people are so shameless…

    And make sure to remind your viewers who is going to fight the war you keep begging for.

  10. 45
    Neil V Salmon

    Biden is a bribed and blackmailed puppet of China as well as the deep state that a USA but rather a now tyranny with no rights or freedom for we , the people . Does this country even survive to the 2024 election ?

  11. 46
    Lucy Pal

    Our government seems unaware of the country's inflation, and the situation is worsening daily. We should explore ways to increase our income through improved opportunities.

  12. 49
    king Idris God X Us Diplomat

    Biden is so scared of china it's embarrassing anyways poisoned chemical dust stabbed public humiliation framed 🪟🖼️ failed diplomatic experiment safety and Liberty ✔️🗽💳 the rules of the roads should be feds not blocking me on purpose

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