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    Choir Boy Productions

    Warren is a menace to anyone who is a success…anyone who works to evolve the United States of America into a country of innovation and technological success keeping the U.S. a part of the Planet's forefront of innovation. I do not understand how any Citizen could support her election to any public office. Sen. Warren, instead of harassing Elon Musk, investigate Al Gore and his public close relationship with the NRA and BWG Beckmann Terrorists…Gore and LaPierre meet regularly to keep illegal weapons purchase access easy and open to the BWG BECKMANN TERRORISTS who are stockpiling weapons. Out at Morningside Apts in Owings Mills, MD they have Gore's mobile number…when they call him at night he answers their call and has a conversation that emcourages attacking and killing CITIZENS, ME for one, renting an apartment in their "SAFE HOUSE" that appeared in CITIZEN ME'S GOOGLE search for apartment complexes in the area. BWG TERRORISTS HIDING OUT IN THE USA, ATTACKING & KILLING CITIZENS…NO MIGRANT ENTRY THROUGH LEGAL PORTS OF THE 300 LEGAL PORTS OF ENTRY… SNUCK IN ILLEGALLY TO ATTACK AND MURDER CITIZENS WITH THE HELP OF; AL GORE, WAYNE LAPIERRE, KAMALA HARRIS, ANTHONY BLINKEN, JOE BIDEN, BILL CLINTON, HILLARY CLINTON, ALL OF BIDEN'S ADMINISTRATION…prosecuting these BWG TERRORISTS in the WHITE HOUSE should keep her busy for a while…as a member of Congress she should be well aware of the Biden administration indictment this Summer. INVESTIGATE THESE "SAFE HOUSES" FOR TERRORISTS, YOU MENACE.

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    Daniel Martin

    Is it beyond people’s comprehension that having Starlink, from the beginning, has done exponentially more good than not having it on one occasion?

    This kind of attack on Musk serves the Russians well. Divide and conquer

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    Drew T-rex

    Warren, along with other politicians, have made millions of dollars from politics……. not from their salaries but from selling America

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    Mady Hunter

    Not a Musk fan, but with him on this. Warmonger and Neoliberal dirtbag orifepssional LIAR Warren needs to stop her fascistic machinations to undermine democracy.

  5. 13

    Welcome to CNN's world of hate and ignorance. The news about Musk and Starlink is utter bullshit. I'll not waste anymore time here.

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    Gorishok GO

    Usa having n corruption… 😂😂😂 But elon is an oligarch.. no he is one who have special permission 😂😂😂😂 double standard as always 😅😅

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