Ingraham: This state is putting racial politics over safety

“The Ingraham Angle” host Laura Ingraham discusses why Illinois has become the first state in the U.S. to completely abolish cash bail.

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  1. 4
    Jenni C

    When the businesses disappear and the money dries up, they'll come running back with their tails between their legs just like London Breed.

  2. 13
    Rae Namet

    This is a double edged sword… let criminals out they commit more crimes and who is to say that they won't use this law against people they disapprove of and keep them locked up for minor infractions while letting criminals in the approved minority groups who commit atrocities out free???

  3. 15
    Jeff M

    There are so many criminals in America that they have to do this. We would need the entire state of Texas to house them all if we convicted them all. Birth control for welfare recipients would help curb a lot of crime

  4. 17
    Fire 4 Effect

    I have not seen any proof that cash bail adds to public safety. People who are a threat to society do not get bail anyway. Cash bail is a business, not a public safety mechanism. It is only designed to ensure people show up to court, and people skip out of court with cash bail in place all the time. It is a waste of time and money

  5. 20
    Centennial Native

    IL residents now flooding out like rats from a sinking ship into your home state bringing their failed voting habits and agendas with them.
    Nobody wants them – Nobody needs them.

  6. 21
    sam calvinist

    Now you people understand why White People in the 1960s opposed ENDING Segregation, Its because of Violent crimes and the involvement of people of one particular racial group in violent crimes on a large scale.

  7. 23
    Lisa Lamonds

    Look at Laura's face, she is actually enjoying mocking and bashing. She is the classic bully type. The ones you see in primary school. Emotionally damaged people that bully others to compensate their own feeling of shortcoming. And that is understandable looking at her abusive and alcoholic father. But so sad. She will raise her children in the same spirit.

  8. 25
    Katy Did

    Does Illinois have a pretrial enforcement agency? I mean we are moving towards eliminating cash bail, but that is by creating a pretrial enforcement agency that places those awaiting trial basically on a probation type status with gps ankle monitor and all. Does Illinois have anything like that in place??

  9. 26
    Mike Price

    What happened to that ole russian call girl melinia trump? We havent seen her in years? doni should get back with Stormy Daniel's his true love.

  10. 27

    The combined investor lawsuits have been filed in Delaware. Those settlements and Smartmatic will undoubtedly bankrupt Faux. It is unavoidable and inevitable. It is only a matter of time until the copany is dissolved to pay off the fines.

  11. 31
    Teia Seymour

    Chicago don't get on the internet and whine about how dangerous cities are or how you don't have a Walmart so you guys can gluten shop like that it nobody feels sorry for you you want you want to cater to criminals because you're nothing but criminals them cater to criminals don't be on the internet playing the victim

  12. 33

    The new shareholders lawsuits filed against fox are going to make the 787,000,000 look like childs play. All fox hosts will be unemployable after that 😊

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