Impeachment inquiry should give House ‘more teeth’ behind subpoenas: Former AG

Former acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker discusses the House’s anticipated Biden impeachment inquiry hearing, Merrick Garland’s upcoming testimony and a report saying the FBI lost count of paid informants on January 6. #foxbusiness

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  1. 3
    Alfred Degiorgio

    The MAGA-RINO Republicans have launched a crusade to replace our democracy with a religion-based, Pseudo-Christian Dictatorship. Their model is the Muslim Dictatorship of Iran, where women are second-class citizens, imprisoned at the will of the special police. The autocracy’s constitution shall be the Bible’s Old Testament!

  2. 5
    Timmy Page

    Only has teeth if you hold a house vote… Trump doj rule. Ironically, if Republican Senators had done their job during the first impeachment hearing, Trump would be in far less trouble. Now Trump going to jail and Republicans got nothing on Joe lol

  3. 7

    I want to know if Matt while he was acting AG knew about Hunter issues, or is the deep state at Justice controlling the narrative.

  4. 11
    Chuck Helson

    The gathering of the evidence is dictated by other information and evidence coming out.
    It’s a jigsaw puzzle, and if they don’t cover all of the bases thoroughly, they’ll lose this impeachment
    But… they’re running this under a moving target timeline.
    They’ve got to gather the evidence, then they’ve got to get it to trial… and it all has to happen, start to finish in less than 16 months.

  5. 15
    Dave C

    Not sure that trusting "Fox Business" is a very good idea considering how their business is doing lately. I mean they're going to pay out BILLIONS by the time all the lawsuits are finished. Was this good business?

  6. 20

    So tired of the same sh talk! Seems like they just want to keep us watching and stringing us along like puppets.

  7. 25
    chuck lemasters

    remember the scarlett letter story? all these corrupt bidens should be required to wear a scarlett "for sale" sign unless they prefer to go to prison.

  8. 27
    Scott Ryals

    You are aware that without a floor vote to form the committee, by Trump's DOJ set doctrine, their subpoenas can't be enforced? What a shitshow.
    Between this politically stupid crap, a probable government shut down and running Trump, the GOP will be lucky to even hold some of the "safe" seats in the down ballot. You'll primary all the non MAGA candidates and run people that are unelectable.
    This is what happens when you let the orange faced baboon run the show. Keep up the good work.

  9. 30
    Mike Scott

    Isn't it treason when in February 2023, Treasury Secretary announced: extraordinary measures, such as not funding postal workers pensions, then the dementia buffoon went to Ukraine and paid their pensions ?

  10. 33

    I see Lauren Bimbobert is gonna face lewdness charges for her performance during the performance.😂
    Republicans, surely the Party of Family Values 😅

  11. 34

    This 'impeachment' is gonna be hilarious. I cannot wait to see all the 'evidence' the MAGA Republicans have on Joe.

  12. 36

    Maria, we Love You! Hey Neil, why do you keep giving all the Marxist/Democrats a platform while you sit and smile like pumpkin and not say a word???? I just heard Biden has the mental acuity and you said not one word about his gaffs and global embarrassment every time he speaks????? You smiled???,lol,,,You do this all the time, never dispute, maybe once we saw it, learn some facts.Thought you would have been fired when Sheppard was fired!

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