If Hunter Biden was a normal American, that dude would be in jail: Boothe

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe discusses Biden’s re-election and Hunter Biden suing the IRS.

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  1. 2
    Joseph O'Hanlon

    So, Hunter is suing the OF IRS for exposing him and
    letting h is s tax status ( Burisma) expires. We believe
    Hunter has more nefarious business
    doings that he's destructing on us
    the American

  2. 3

    wait so democrat are not normal americans? wtf this women is really lunatic to suggest over half the country who pay the most taxes are not normal americans!

  3. 5

    I don't buy these polls at all. What if these poles are actually created to create a lot of disinformation about who supports who?

  4. 6
    gregory wolff

    This PROVES there is a two tier " justice" system, no matter what weasel Garland says. He is the BIGGEST reason it is so. Communist through and through

  5. 8


  6. 13

    IDK. Maybe Hunter wants to open the door to discovery and resent the clock on those tax charges??? Invite everyone over and into the life of Biden. IDK.

  7. 16
    William White

    His lawyer tried to project saying Hunter just wants to be treated like everyone else ! Ha BS ! Report for jail then with Joe for selling out America AND not paying taxes on the sellout !!! PAY YOUR SHARE !

  8. 18
    Rickie Watts

    Hard core leftist don't seem to realize just how bad things are and how bad it's going to get. They get their news from unreliable sources.

  9. 22
    Baby Yoda

    Wanna go down this rabbit hole because Republicans in Congress could be charge for the exact same thing. Where is the NRA sticking up for Hunter Biden?

  10. 24
    Richard Bulge

    If Joe was a normal person he wouldnt be trusted to drive himself to the grocery store. His license would be revoked years ago and he would spend 12 hours a day watching the price is right reruns and crapping his pants eating apple sauce. Democrats vote him to lead the USA. Who is the real problem here…

  11. 25

    Hunter will work very well in prison because he's had an excellent experience in paying poor prostitute s how to please there customers. He is
    Going to please his customers with a criminal democratic performance of excellence.
    Because another big guy will be running hunter's new career and demanding money for his many future job performances in another big houes.

  12. 26
    roger lombardo

    Joe and hunter are tied together Joe he’s the godfather that’s why there’s no visitors log at his house that’s where the orders come from

  13. 27
    James Arneson

    If it was your son or mine, they would be in jail, but not the elite. Vote them all out of office, this double standard needs to be a huge crime. Hunter is a joke

  14. 31
    Io Yaya

    There should be no exceptions because his father is president.Joe is just as corrupt as his son .Jail them right now.

  15. 32
    cynthia Betty

    <Thanks bud for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $22,000 every single week.>

  16. 33
    darrell williams

    Does any of these radicals want their court case to be heard during a Trump era, it just might be a good thing to get it over with. I don't think the FBI, CIA, IRS, DOJ, are going to be the same when Trump gets in.

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