‘I want to be a voice in the middle’: Sen. Manchin talks looming government shutdown

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) talks about Congress’ continuing fight over debt and a possible government shutdown. #CNN #News

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  1. 1
    Solomon Lane

    After sitting in front of a red light for almost a year now, the moment for Joe to throw his hat in the presidential race has arrived, and in spades just like he asked for.
    Step on it, Mr Manchin. Or, as they say for those who sit too long, WHAT SHADE OF GREEN ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?

  2. 4
    nomadic canadian

    I am an actual centrist. This man is not that. He wants to ride the waves of both sides and be in the middle so he can get the most votes and stay in office.

  3. 9
    Ted Timothy

    Sen. Manchin is a difficult man to trust. He talks like a Republican but over and over when the time comes to vote, he always sides with the Democrats.

  4. 10

    Just another PAID politician bidding on his "Donor's" dollars he receives to stay in office. Do you JOB for America! Make the tough decision to raise taxes on 10%ers.

  5. 14
    Frankie Clayton

    I can't believe a lier and then they blame for stuff that the gop want do at all. They will not do anything for mothers and fathers an kids with gun violence

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