‘I have much higher standards in men.’: Hutchinson rejects Gaetz claim; Calls out creeps 

Cassidy Hutchinson, former Trump White House aide and author of “Enough,” talks with Rachel Maddow about passages in her book in which she describes inappropriate behavior from some of the men she encountered while working, including Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Matt Gaetz. 
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  1. 2
    Earle BuBar

    She has really had a tough go with Republicans………. hopefully she will have much better luck with Joe and Hunter, the cream of the crop😮

  2. 5
    Den Bagus

    We the men, should have a higher standard than this woman. She acts like she is a movie star, but you know she is a full-blown feminist.

  3. 10

    I have to say I’m not sure what to make about Hutchinson; she has made some pretty extreme claims in January 6 hearings and some of them where denied by nonpartisan individuals…Im willing to hear her out, but It’s important to be factual when making claims. How much money is she making off this book? Is it just another tell all about the White House? As far as Matt Gaetz is concerned, he’s crazy and a problematic politician. She never dated him, but did she interact with him beyond friendship?

  4. 12

    I'm highly impressed with Ms. Hutchinson. She seems like a person of good character and high intellect. I hope she continues in public service.

  5. 15

    Only democrats will read it. The level of brainwashing is very high. Trump should put migrants into gas chambers and get away with it, much like Hitler.

  6. 16
    Elisabeth Epperbarry

    Cassidy, most of us have been there, work situations when we were young and we had no idea what was "normal" in the workplace! I love that you just admit you went and got those highlights…but drew the line at "walking" Matt GrossFace home (and not just because he might be a predator or a creep, but that he's also just not a serious, principled, professional person). Thank you for assuring all of us who have been gaslighted by this terrible president and his cronies that we are not crazy for thinking they are a bunch of grifters and d-bags.

  7. 22
    Zoey Chanel

    I don't think we have to think too hard if a beautiful intelligent woman like Cassidy would EVER on this planet or any other date an idiotic creep like Matt Gaetz. Look at her and look at him, never ever!!!

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