‘I didn’t come here to shut the government down’, says House Republican

Rep. Mike Lawler, R-NY, joins Morning Joe to discuss the possibility of a government shutdown, why he’s opposed to a shutdown and why he says it will cost Americans more if the government does shut down.

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‘I didn’t come here to shut the government down’, says House Republican

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  1. 3

    Representative Lawler sounds reasonable and respectful most importantly. Somehow over the years we have normalized incivility……especially amongst politicians.

  2. 7
    Jo Carr

    Just remove the amnesty for illegal aliens. 8 million illegals should not be given US citizenship. Stop sending money to Ukraine.

  3. 8
    William Bigham

    If they want us to believe that they weren't elected to cause chaos. Then they need to ditch the Maga republican and help the democrats to governor and get these trump nut jobs out. Stand up for the people, not the party

  4. 9
    Steve steve

    Can you believe a Republican saying he “doesn’t want to mess around with peoples 401k” ? 😂🤣 sell that bs down the road.

  5. 13
    Jesse Santiago

    If these republicans want to hold up people from getting the things they need like social security and Medicare and Medicaid they should really think about their future they could be voted out and never get voted for again

  6. 14

    Get more Mr Lawlers, then the Repubs might have a chance against the worst Dems, but Repubs in the Taliban states can't generate anyone of intelligence anymore.

  7. 15
    Lauro Silvestre Jr.

    This guy may be rational and not to the extreme of the maga crowd but he's not really that nice because he is willing to cut food stamps if he wanted to. So don't think that he is a savior. I would like to remind everybody that the states that have the poorest populations are all Republican held states and likely use those benefits like food stamps.

  8. 16
    M. Thomas

    Republicans grew the deficit by 7 trillion under Trump, but suddenly they are concerned about bringing down the deficit. What BS! This is what they do.

  9. 17

    Lawler should have run as a Democrat, He needs to understand there are no Republicans, they are now Trumputians and if Trump doesn't like it they are not going to do it.

  10. 20
    Chris Smith

    It is really hard to watch this show. As smart as he is, Joe can be so annoying when he talks over everyone else. Which just happens to be every minute of the show. I don’t know how anyone can work with him.

  11. 22
    Sean J

    (Looks at the "R" after the name.)

    Yes you did come to Washington to shut down the government. It's what Republicans do.

  12. 23

    All Republicans who where silent on J6 and on 2016 no matter if they are MAGA or Not not going to trust them any of them anymore. I’m a Democrat not a terrorist MAGA Republicans. Republicans are like ISS 💙🇺🇸💙

  13. 25
    Adam Langton

    "I didnt come here to shut the government down." Uhhh, did he not type "republican" into google before joining up? Lol,.what did this guy think he was volunteering for, if not obstruction and gerrymandering?

  14. 27
    J Majors

    I don’t see any hope in the GOP anymore. I hate voting a straight Democratic ticket, but as long as radicalized elements dominate the House, I will vote Democratic. The polarizing Trump supporters will throw this country into chaos just to get their way.

  15. 31
    wayne wal

    Yep they are all breaking rank now, they see the writing on the wall! All striving for positions in the future, they are working the odds to self serve. Look at me I am a sensible Republican? Where you been all these years man?

  16. 34

    I feel like as an independent nonpartisan voter I could have a conversation with this guy, disagree with him about his policy or opinions and still be treated respectfully… this is what the Republicans used to be like before the tea party & magas showed up. Reasonable, rational, respectable & open to conversation & debate.
    I'm sick of being labeled as one party or the other every time I disagree with either Dems/Reps on a particular policy… I'm happy to be neither. I have my own opinions… I believe what I believe. People used to understand that being an independent nonpartisan voter literally means you don't 100% agree with either party.
    I feel like this guy would get it.

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