‘I am not the president’s lawyer’: AG Garland to defend DOJ at hearing

Attorney General Merrick Garland is set to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. The GOP-led committee is expected to grill Garland, and Garland is expected to stress the DOJ’s objectivity. NBC News’ Ken Dilanian discusses excerpts from Garland’s testimony.

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‘I am not the president’s lawyer’: AG Garland to defend DOJ at hearing

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  1. 2

    Anyone that thinks he’s doing a great job, should go look how well he closed and protects our border as 4,000 people are crossing today not to mention how none of them are vetted my question is why !!! And don’t tell me it’s the republicans fault because democrats have been in office for 2.5 years and how many millions have crossed??? Come on you can’t say he’s doing his job!

  2. 7
    Joshua Strawser

    The Justice Department is supposed to work for the American People. That is certainly true. The problem that so many of the American People have is that they can clearly see that Merrick Garland's Justice Department works for the Democratic Party, and good luck getting MSNBC, which also works for the Democratic Party, to ever admit it.

  3. 18

    We wouldn't be in this situation if Garland wasn't such a spineless coward who will go down in history for having obstructed the FBI, delayed the DOJ from indicting Trump for 18 months and failed to prosecute Trump or ANY of his Congressional co-conspirators for sedition and insurrection!! 🤬

  4. 20
    J Hill

    "Gym" Jordan, be warned. Your admission about trashing the US economy and threatening our security to extort prosecutors to protect Trump just may get you investigated and indicted for prosecution interference and possibly treason. Sir, so you work for Russia or China?

  5. 23

    I am at a point with politics that when any Republican speaks, I go deaf. It is all crap double speak and they cannot be trusted. Their only agenda is obfuscation and distraction. I.e. Hunter Biden,shut the gov’t down. Impeachment, abortion restrictions, Their purpose is to overthrow our Constitution and rule by tyranny. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS!! Your corrupt leader IS going to do some kind of time for his crimes. GET USED TO THIS IDEA!
    “ then we are coming after you” ( in court )

  6. 24
    J C

    Garland looks like one scared puppy who if he doesn't do as they say he may lose his life. He is corrupted and compromised.

  7. 27
    Robert Miller

    A lot of this could have been prevented if Garland had shown he had a spine when he was first appointed. Now he flexes three years into the job.

  8. 28

    This is a taxpayer funded predictable circus. They should be writing legislation or negotiating solutions to avert a Government shutdown.

  9. 29

    BEAUTIFUL OPENING STATEMENT that, unfortunately, will not be heard by people who simply have no business being in power and certainly do not represent the majority of Americans.

  10. 30
    Dan Moskel

    Circa 2023, Our Department of Justice = America's Terrorist
    Fact Checked. The biggest threat to our Democratic Processes and Our Country's Freedom is our Larry Nassar Loving Department of Justice. Jim Comey's Comrades.

  11. 32

    Disgusting to watch Republicans waste our tax dollars on frivolous badgering of Garland about issues nobody cares about.

  12. 34
    Professor Chaos

    My vote is going for RFK Jr. He is not beholden to either party. He has been involved in environmental causes and issues for over 40 years. Check him out.

  13. 36

    "Barr was Trump's personal lawyer which means Garland is Biden's personal lawyer and that is just not how this works. The AG can not be the President's lawyer. Bad Brandon!"
    – Cult

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