Hutchinson shoots down Gaetz dating claim

Former White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who gave pivotal testimony to the January 6th Committee, joined Rachel Maddow to discuss the current state of the GOP, including a claim made by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz that they once dated.

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  1. 7

    At 21, Cassidy Hutchinson was already WAYYYY too old for Matt Gaetz.
    He prefers his dates to be able to choose their entrees from the kid's menu.

  2. 18
    Tracy Johnson

    Treason happening all around her…like "Invasion of The Body Snatchers", she saw a "different" gop crawling out of their pods! She showed real-time courage and integrity. Her party abandoned the Constitution.

  3. 26

    If its eyes are an inch apart, and it has a smashed, downturned mouth like his, do not trust it. Steer clear. Very clear.

  4. 29
    Pat Hart

    It's disgusting that she still considers herself a Republican. Stop making her out as some kind of a hero. She is not. Gross.

  5. 32
    Reginald Garner

    @msnbc, Thanks to Ms. Hutchinson for confirming what appeared to be obvious from the numerous sound bytes depicting Gaetz's frequent insultingly hypocritical and adversarial verbal excrement. Trusting seedy characters like Gaetz violates the constitution. Gaetz and other destructive MAGA Party radicals and extremists seek only to oppose, rise up against, and overthrow the very government that they were elected to represent. Ms. Hutchinson's courageous and noble warning about the "unserious politician" Gaetz will prove to be as valuable as former Congresswoman Liz Cheney's warning about trusting Donald Trump in the White House.

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