Hunter Biden could face more indictments, Harvard Law professor warns

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine and Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the latest findings in the GOP’s probe into Hunter Biden. #foxbusiness

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  1. 1
    cindy Shoemaker

    It’s because the American people know Braden apparently is Bob the law Biden song is about law anybody else dude what vitamin do they get the whole 20 years Biden son is guilty and he needs to be charged like anybody else would be included hard-working people

  2. 2
    B C

    What the hell, so you say could face more indictments???
    Why hasn't he been served a arrest warrant, why is he not in jail? What is going on with the justice system, if it was me or any other person we would already be in jail.

  3. 5
    Trappist 1D

    By the way that suggestive Martha thing that I said with my friend sitting with me while watching "the story" it was not only one of his sayings but he was also the guy who yelled at the gals on the corner to whom flashed her breasts at him years earlier.
    I said what I said simply to experiment to learn if Fox News was watching me in my home, and guess what – it worked. I was right. So lets not forget who and what committed a crime.. Daniel.
    I request that the Republicans in both Houses of Congress please circulate this comment.

  4. 7
    Marilyn Mysak

    Are these reporters naive, stupid, or actually just ignorant of the facts. They are so close-minded. They should be doing the investigative reporting every day but they'd rather be spoon fed the narrative and the story by the administration. They should go home and play video games instead of pretending to be reporters.

  5. 9
    James Edberg

    And what does that Harvard law professor say about fox lying to its viewers? And the other cases against fox coming down the road 🧐 inquiring minds want to know? All bet she is thinking fox is screwed ? You see this is how fox does it everyday conjecture ? Of course I don’t know what she is thinking? It’s implied like trump does it’s up to you if you believe what was said is true? Only if it’s against the other side it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not ? This is the word of trump we live in now and it’s SAD!!

  6. 15
    Nick Stone

    having a hard time to buy that not a single american joe public, was/wasn't indicted on lying on gun application..seems like plenty of jailed people who might say otherwise.

  7. 16
    Mason Ruybe

    Corrupt cover up Biden Administration's cover up Hunter not registered as a foreign agent another Federal lawTax evasion Federal law's 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  8. 18

    Somebody needs to get a list of all the people that committed the same crimes and are in prison at this time. Use them as an example for Hunter Biden to go to jail for 25 years!

  9. 19
    Quintavious Gooch

    The Biden DOJ and Biden lawyers scheme will be…. to "play up" the phrases "gun charge" and "10 to 25 years in prison" dozens of times each day and on repeat for months…. attempting to convey that Hunter is somehow receiving some kind of punishment for his actions…. when in reality, Hunter will likely spend very little, if any, time incarcerated in any real sense. The way it usually goes with these politicians is that they will never be placed in the general population at a real federal prison…. they might be subjected to a form of "home arrest" whilst claiming that he is "serving his prison term" like all the regular inmates. In Hunter's case, I suspect that Joe realizes he cannot serve another term…. he will claim to have the onset of some illness…. for which he will "retire"…. and pardon Hunter (and possibly Devan Archer) on his way out.

  10. 20
    kate harvey

    There could be more charges what a joke it shouldn't be there could be more it should be more you have so much you wouldn't even have to work that hard the American people say go for it get it done

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