How these young girls were jailed and taken nearly 20 miles away without their parent’s knowledge

In 1963, a group of young Black girls was held in the Leesburg Stockade jail for nearly 60 days without any charges. They were jailed for entering a theater through the front door and challenging segregation laws. CNN’s Randi Kaye reports on the group known as the Leesburg Stockade Girls. #CNN #News

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  1. 3
    T Sherwood

    These womens spirits are unbreakable! I think thats what racist whites hate most about the black collective. Still singing, still dancing, still smiling and happy after ALL the evil they put us through! They know they cant win.

  2. 8
    Makheru Bradley

    The state of Georgia owes reparations to the survivors and the descendants of the Leesburg Stockade for violating their human rights and constitutional rights

  3. 11
    Brooklynn Graves

    Shame can be a gift if it motivates us to never repeat the mistakes of history. I am ashamed of Americans who have forgotten how easily these girls were treated like kidnapped animals.

  4. 13
    Robert M

    I was angry watching this, but I am very glad these ladies had the strength and personal fortitude to use this event in their lives as a positive motivation. Imagine how great this country could be if we could stomp out the hate and ignorant discrimination ? there are so many amazing people who may not look exactly like you do.

  5. 16

    Please vote BLUE, because Republicans don't want our children to know about these stories starting with Desantis in FL. We cannot let these repubs take over they will try to whitewash this type of stories . VOTE Blues like your life depends on it.

  6. 17
    Nick Tsambassis

    Danny Lyon is a true American hero. I knew nothing of this incident, a dark stain on the state of Georgia. Americus isn't far from Jimmy Carter's hometown of Plains.

  7. 19

    These are the stories of American history that NEED TO BE TAUGHT in schools. If a 13 year old girl was old enough to ENDURE this, a 13 year old student should be tough enough to LEARN about it.

  8. 26
    Chase of Spades

    There are people who are still alive but people want to say racism doesn’t exist.. it’s not as bad as people say but it’s not not bad either.. there are plenty of racists left

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