House fails to advance military funding bill for the second time this week

The House Republicans have failed to advance a bill to fund the military to debate for the second time this week. NBC News’ Garrett Haake reports on what holdouts in the GOP are asking for as a government shutdown looms.

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House fails to advance military funding bill for the second time this week

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  1. 6
    Kassandra Silver

    tRump is a Putin Puppet. The GQP Oligarchy here, and in Russia, do not want to see Democracy ANYWHERE, but especially not in America. That is why Russia is trying to take Ukraine and install a Dictator. That is the reason for brainwashing Rump's MAGGOTS to overthrow the government here. The Nit Wit "Freedom Caucus" belongs to Rump, and Rump wants to squash Ukraine in service to his bestest buddy, Putin . . . We don't need a pundit roundtable to figure this out! Democrats: EXPELL the Insurrectionists from Congress! They are TRAITORS!!!!

  2. 12

    They are dumb enough to think a shutdown will stop all court cases against trump so they will gladly let a shutdown happen.

  3. 13

    If there is a shutdown, it will be and should be shouted from the rafters: REPUBLICAN SHUTDOWN!!! They-Trimp-did the same thing the last time they had a majority and they lost the majority because of stunts like this trumps shutdown.

  4. 14

    Voters need to STOP electing ill equipped, ill informed and unintelligent politicians whose only reason for running is to sow CHAOS! This GOP bunch with it’s few members of the Chaos Caucus aren’t interested in governing only furthering their attacks on citizens personal lives and think nothing of holding bills or the budget hostage just to try and get their way! Look at how Tubby Tuberville has weakened our armed forces for a military medical benefit.

  5. 23
    martin teo

    Tommy Tuberville – 'TT'

    'TT' – Two-Timer?

    Definitions of 'Two-Timer' … type of: beguiler, cheat, cheater, deceiver, slicker, trickster. Someone who leads you to believe something that is not true. A person who says one thing and does another.

  6. 36

    Will the IDIOTS in congress still get paid, and, if so, why? I am a 100% disabled Marine Viet Nam veteran. Will they cut me off??

  7. 44
    Dan Hax

    The moment our government shuts down due to the repukes pathetic antics, registered voters who might have voted for them in 2024 will surely not vote for a single one of them. We see them for what they are… whiny, traitorous and repugnant losers and 'we the people' deserve better.

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