‘Horrible’, ‘deterioration’: Backlash after Majority Leader Schumer loosens Senate dress code

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer loosened the informal dress code for members, causing some to embrace the change and others asking to reverse it.
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  1. 4

    Being unemployed and looking for work in marketing. I'm sure if I go to an office for a job interview looking like Fetterman. I would never get a call back.

  2. 6

    I think it's great that not as many people are dressed up like so many millions who have worn suits in a coffin AFTER being embalmed. Me? I'm going to be ashes, but until then? You'll never see me in a suit. A Bat suit; sure, but NO other suit.

  3. 8
    Fred Hoy

    I'm as liberal as they come and wouldn't p**s on most refublicans if they were on fire but I do believe in certain standards in conduct, morality, decency toward others, language used with others 😂, and a dress code. Show you've got some pride in your job John. Grow up.

  4. 10
    carole simms

    this is a wonderful repreive for women wearing panty hose and high heels that go click click
    click and ruin their backs and feet! At least those that prefer a casual dress code are showing up to work! Don't you have a job to do?

  5. 11
    Leah Stooksbury

    All of this from the party that shows privates on the floor (MTG) and insists on reading lyrics from a very explicit RAP song…yeah…so worried about someone real who truly tries to help his constituents and is authentic….what a stupid thing to focus on with the REAL problems we need to address…ya know, mass shootings, poverty, Healthcare, Maintaining SS and Medicare…

  6. 12
    natalie burris

    I'm sorry but…Chuck is wrong and he knows it. There should absolutely be a standard. Fetterman looks like a Bum. He is being an unnecessary and Huge distraction in more ways than one because he wants his way. And because he is to lazy and selfish to make an effort to be presentable. Yes selfish, because it is selfish to expect others to bend to your will because you are unwilling to compromise and give a little. How for god sakes is any work going to get done across the aisle as it pertains to the concerns of the people that you're suppose to be serving if you're unwilling to put on a pair of pants for to few hours. I tell you what…As a Democrat myself, had Fetterman been someone I voted for and help put in office, and you're on the outside looking in and shouting your vote from the door because you insist on wearing shorts , hoodie and tennis shoes, instead of being in the room advocating on my behalf, not only would this be your first time as my U.S. Senator, it would also be your last.

  7. 14
    Doctor Deadbody

    Allowing casual dress on the senate floor may lead to a deterioration of decorum. And what if it spreads to the house? Before you know it, you'll have house of representatives members giving handjobs while vaping during a theatrical performance of Beetlejuice. How unimaginable.

  8. 17
    KPepper L

    That's your outrage? Not the supreme court is completely corrupt, or the GQP would rather shut the government down for some nonsense investigation? Or not outraged about a criminal still having your party by the throat? Ok fox news… I guess losing $700 million still hasn't taught you guys anything

  9. 20
    M G

    I’m a democrat but this is absolutely ridiculous. You dress for the job you have accepted. If you didn’t want to dress for this job why did you run for office?

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