‘Holding to account’: Hear Sen. McCaskill’s idea for how judge should handle ‘gag order’ on Trump

Former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, former Lead Investigator for the January 6th Select Committee Tim Heaphy and MSNBC National Affairs Analyst John Heilemann join Nicolle Wallace to discuss Special Counsel Jack Smith’s request to a federal judge for a narrowly tailored gag order to restrict the ex-president from making certain statements about the case against him citing threats against targeted individuals.

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  1. 7
    Mark Lambert

    I’m so proud of each and every American in this nation who faces the political criminals we have trying to dismantle our democracy for their own pathetic personal gains and power like all the ones who have unapologetically completely destroyed the Republican Party in this nation beyond repair‼️ It’s the ultimate test of a True American to stand up for what’s right, TRUE, fair and legal in America even in the face of opposition‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌🏻🗽⚖️

  2. 10
    Bill Pool

    Trump does what he does because it's what would work to intimidate him.
    Most Americans aren't the draft dodging coward that Trump is, though.

  3. 12
    Paul Belsito

    There are a lot of people who enjoy being told it's great to act like an a-hole. trump gives them permission to be their worst self and feel ok about it. It is sick.

  4. 13
    V. E.

    Been a "poll" worker since 1996, when Proposition 215 was on the ballot for medical useage of marijuana, which I happen to use on a daily basis for the muscle spasticity and nausea I deal w/ as a T-6 paraplegic. I've never felt threatened for doing my volunteer work and doubt I would have continued had I been so. Perhaps its the difference between Georgia and California – one being a part of the Old South and the other a part of the new Republic. This next election will mark 28th year as a poll volunteer and I will continue to volunteer as long as I'm able, as I feel indebted to this country for all of the benefits I have enjoyed, like an excellent basic education, w/o fear of war, starvation or persecution. Too many countries where the citizens do not enjoy any of the basic freedoms I have enjoyed since birth.

  5. 14
    Barry MacAusland

    Shay and Ruby our American heroes, plain and simple. Marine here. I hope everyone tell these wonderful ladies "thank you for your service!" They deserve it 10 fold.

  6. 19
    Robert Bridges

    Babbling. If a person of lesser means was given as much freedom to control the narratve as Trump we could maybe say the law treats everyone the same. But clearly thst is not true and equally clear is the fear the media, thr pundits and tslking head’s have of Trump. Or maybe ya’ll just thinging you he stronging the game slong till one day you wake up snd resoze youve been played a fool

  7. 22
    Robert Bridges

    If people start confronting Trump. And stip cowering to him HE will back down. I am hink a good place to srart is with you folk in the media. There are things more important than ratings. Have some backbone

  8. 25

    There is only one way to deal with a bully, and that is to stand up to them – if enough people stand tall and proud and strong, the bully will shrivel

  9. 28
    Jim Yarbrough

    This is such s shame as these are volunteers, why would anybody volunteer for the next election if they know they will be treated this way. Of course MAGA cult will volunteer l"to make sure the election isn't stolen"., wink wink.

  10. 29
    J C

    But didn't Biden's family members, at least 9 of them, receive millions of dollars from bribes that he and Hunter did? And they never paid any taxes on that money. Seems like news worth reporting instead of this nonsense.

  11. 35
    Jacquelyn Brickman

    Politics has become a reality show because that's how Trump got in. Until this becomes unpopular because it's amazingly stupid, America is just a comedy/drama series. Except it isn't funny. So unless you need more congresspeople lap dancing for her fondling date, or poll workers being something different than how you think of them, vote these people out. Doesn't anybody get that a country divided cannot stand. Who is going to take the US over because we are to stupid to come together…..hmmm let's see, who loves dictators? What county can pay Trump the most?

  12. 40
    Jodie Zaffke

    The thing is we teach our children to not be bullies and to stand up to bullies and help someone that is being bullied and help them. Then we have this going on. The Maga keep saying they want to raise kids with values and teach them about the government and how it works. Then what do they do attack our government, break laws, and don't listen to judges and go against them. Values are important and they are breaking them over and over.

  13. 41
    Wanda Pettijohn

    I said moving date up with every infringement on the Midas Touch last week. Putting trump in jail would cause more issues than moving the court date up.

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