Hear Top US general’s assessment of Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia

The Ukrainian military has liberated more than 54% of territory occupied by Russia, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said. #CNN #News

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    Ben Dover

    Vietnam posed no physical threat to the USA. Iraq had no part in the 11/9/01 attacks in the USA, there was direct links to Saudi Arabia. Afghanistan was recognised by the US as an independent state under the rule of Taliban as they along with Osama Bin Laden were trained and equipped by the US. What is the point of reminding people of these facts? Why is there a member of the military that instigated decades of war and millions of civilian casualties against these countries that did not threaten the US on the news pointing at Putin for the crimes he has ordered done in Ukraine when the US is as guilty if not more so for war crimes going back as far as WWII. There are so many other countries helping Ukraine in their fight and have been helping for many , many months more who would be more suitable to have a spokesperson for Ukraine's allies.

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    Farzad Parsi

    Page 1️⃣.2 I am victim/report :This is real story( please report to international newspapers for enlightenment / eyewitness )

    This letter has just been written for honourable and real human that have consciousness and kind heart: I had tried to find the reasons of direct or indirect harassment and play on me in India during 7 years.I have had bad and horrible experiences in India from 2016 to now but i had not any problem when i was student in India.I declared to chief of UN ( sir Patel ) in pune that i am not safe but he told be silent, do not go police and anywhere for report in 2017, i visited for report the offices in different cities of India without post before 2018 but after 2017 moreover i had sending my letter for them by post for the evidence of receipt after 2017, but after sickness i can not travel by train ( My master in sociology from pune university 2011)
    When i was PhD in sociology student in China at 2014 a person from USA reported about my opinion and poems ( that person in USA is Larijani family the prior chief of Iranian court).After graduated from China, I went Malaysia then Philippines and back to India then introduced me as a candidate for refugee, I have many sickness ( heart,liver,cataract of both eyes , Cervical disk , lumbago, left ear,
    Hyperthyroidism,intestine and prostate) but I did not have any sickness when i wanted to leave china because every student must give medical checkup in china ( see my medical file in china, and check me now but which kind inhuman methods they obtruded on me for these sickness?! Some times i am very sick even with many pain but i fear to go doctor because i had very horrible experience, i told the UN of Delhi in the letter in 2017 when a lawyer do not have independence and authority for justice then how about other ????!!!)
    I saw accidentally a documentary video (I was so shocked and just cried , exactly my story in India).
    This video in 2023.
    The north Korea then east Germany invented some methods of mentality torture for oppositions. But after that some countries interested these theories then they try to test.
    In their own countries ( but on which kind of people ?)
    1;The people do not have country.
    2; They can not defence from themself.
    3; They must tolerate their forced.
    4; They can to be very easy access for test.
    5: the candidates for psychological torture do not receipt the UN card stay India without job that will be gradual death or reject to their country for silent ).

    Which group has this qualification and can be as role of laboratory rat in India? Wow refugees are good option for test !!!Politic is very dirty, they can do everything with human as a instrument, they killed name of human and humanity. Few years i tried to find the reasons of events on me. This was not just a event for me I think this is a method on refugees groups in India , during few years i reported in India to :
    1; prime minister office in Delhi/2: news papers/3; political parties/4: UN of delhi, UP and Pune/5:FRO police in pune/6: the court of Pune Etc.
    But after this video in 2023, I had given around 500 letters to head of department of sociology, law and psychology in pune university also other colleges , students , NGO , head of hospitals , doctors, court, police, FRO, churches, mosques and temples but surprisingly that was anybody did not do anything, (in Pune city)
    A: Is used deafness and blindness
    methods for injustice.
    B: they will tell to me in future after this news became public, we did not know your problem then why did not tell us (this is a method because Patel told do not go anywhere for report)
    C: If the Delhi is part of this puzzle then i will be sorry for me but if they did not know anything then will very nice news for me because they will return my trust to India I loved India as my country but they killed my trust ).
    where and how can i find a place for justice in India?
    i do not see any morality and humanity behind of this system.
    1: am i a laboratory rat?
    2: do the cheap persons from government of Maharashtra connect with Iranian regime or with USA family for money and ideology of Islam?
    3;will you think these group will be normal human that hurt and do everything with a person that is wanderer, lonely, with many sickness, lost the country, family and friends also without job and pass the day in boycott situation, i like for democracy of India noble polices and powerful persons in Government of india investigation about me then them by my documents in the court, i would like to know which kind of name will you call them after your research 1?
    I would like central Government ( Delhi ) ask these questions from UN of India;
    1; why his UN file is vague for 7 years ( is that for corruption with Iranian regime or he is a laboratory rat then need him ?)
    2; why they scare that i share my problem with other, during these years i am boycott.
    3; I would like the central Government see my and other asylum candidates file also hear their experiences, because the total files the side each other as Puzzle will show their dirty aim.
    – 4:l am eyewitness also i am ready to witness my terrible experiences with documents at independent court under in the UN role for justice and prove of their crime then it will be clear about level of corruption, is that local , national or international about the refugees in India, i do not have safety around 7 years.
    Sir Shombi Sharp(Head of the UN in India from 2021)
    these are my questions from you :
    (The security, connection and methods of the UN in India do not work very well ))
    1;1 sent many letters for everywhere during 7 years also for the UN in Delhi and my last letter i had given the chief of UN in pune to send the head of the UN in Delhi / 6/04/2023)

    2: do you know victims must be boycott and silent this in my experience, did you see or investigated about my file from 2021?
    3: do you know , My horrible experiences?
    Unfortunately my doctorate thesis was about the UN.
    After report to Anti corruption police in Delhi on WhatsApp :
    I am wondered in different countries for few years . I reported to anti corruption police in Delhi on WhatsApp but I do not know that was real because I have not any control on my phone by Department of telecommunications office but I knew the government of Maharashtra saw about my report to Delhi anti corruption police , that means they scared about my report to them then I feel this reason on illegal way they make hurry interview by The UN on 31/07/2023 .( I am sure anti corruption police in Delhi did not accept anything from me )

    I forgot to tell in second interview ( 31/08/2023)also maybe in first interview in 2016 , I tried to report to USA police about my ex wife family by different methods ( that means I can not back my country please investigation about this family then you will understand the reason ) 1; I went the USA embassy in China ( I tried to tell them indirect in embassy please I am not safe , I could not tell direct because Iran and China are very close ) 2; In Malaysia also I wanted to go embassy of USA but I had short visa then I could not take a appointment from USA embassy. 3;In Philippine I took a appointment from USA embassy but they told this is not us duty. from Philippine I sent few letters by DHL post to court of USA , American embassy in Swidden ( ambassador’s of Swidden was American Iranian ) , NBC news paper . When I became disappointed from USA government for justice and research about this family then came to India and hoped the the UN of India will help me . when came to India then again try to go USA embassy but they did not let me to visit consulate of USA in Bambi , I sent a letter to USA court by DHL post . I like tell about after of second interview in 31/08/3023) when the UN of Delhi introduced me to the UN psychologist group This is my questions 1; did the UN invite me to any court for enlightenment? 2; did the UN of Delhi invite my witnesses and with documents front of ground jury about they crimes ? 3; was that presumptive court any psychologist expert ? I understood after by labelling method on me . the UN of Delhi never try to help me and they will reject me to Iran . But why ? we victimise him for reputation of India because he was witness of government mistake on himself ( this reason his personality must be defacement then his information will be worthless also return to Iran then Iranian regime kill him and best way for silent of him , this will be death of humanity and morality also this world has a rule then you will see power of God and world in this works and other world , I never forgive to anybody that hear my sound for help but … I never forgive them this and other world Although I lost my trust to Indian government %99 but I know in India have good persons as my professor Sweetie this reason I wrote this letter for that %1 maybe to see and try to know about justice and fact .

  3. 6

    This guy should be stripped of all his medals and olives decorations for high treason against the United States army Marines and airforce and space force because he is not a leader he is a follower he is a transgender lover he is worried about people worrying about transgender a language and things like that and now he wants to tell you about Ukraine a country and has nothing to do with the United States it's not in our border it's not around us is in Europe and why isn't the European Union in the EU supporting this country more than the United States is why do we have to give up everything to them and they give us nothing back you remember all the money you give to your crane has not come back to United States it goes to Joe Biden and his cronies in the White House and his cronies in a Pentagon they get the money they get to kick back because all the arms all the money all the taxpayer money that they're giving away to Ukraine is going to all the criminals in Ukraine. And I hope Putin kickstash it out of Ukrainian and destroys the country destroys the whole country so this government and war mongers are b***** aboutneeds to be defeated once and for all so the world can move on to the next war. That's what these people want. But they want to prolong this war for as long as they can like I didn't Afghanistan throw in our resources and our money and then leave everything there for them to give away. I can't wait till your crane loses a war I hope Russia pushes further I hope Russia

  4. 9
    sebold Daniel

    I am sure the Ukrainians will break through those three Russian lines and dragon's teeth and be down on the Sea of Azov in no time. They will pause for lunch, then head over to the Crimea and take it all back with no problem, attack those bases and ships and take it all over.

  5. 10
    richard hailes


  6. 12
    Trump 2016

    Better we help them so they don’t have to be refuge and move here to united states or other un nation. They will be much happier if they just have their own country. We must help them to the end.

  7. 13
    M M

    I was told by Biden back when he was in Poland, Ukraine was fighting for us, for our democracy, our values and the free world. Now they only fighting only for themselves? When did they change the objectives of the fighting? Are we be misled?

  8. 14
    Terry G

    The General needs to look at the war mapping it is a complete disaster for Ukraine.
    Ukraine strategic reserves are now being used because the units that was supposed to smash thought Russian defences failed and suffered massively losses.

  9. 15

    one of the best GEN I have had the honor of serving under: Smart, compassionate, driven, full of integrity and loyalty. He stood up to our previous exec when they were going to order troops like myself into something that would've been morally bankrupt and divided our nation but did so tactfully and maintained his integrity to his role as a military officer. He protected our troops, our nation and our constitution. He challenges our military leaders to be intelligent, educated and cunning, but also emotionally mature and able to show human compassion to our peers. I am sad to see him go but he's done more than his share as our top military advisor.

  10. 26

    This guy is the biggest POS next to Joe Biden in the country, Russia will win this war, and the US taxpayers will be responsible for the bill of rebuilding the country on top of the billions we throw down the toilet propping up the puppet government of zelenski, Force Ukraine to hold elections and this war will end

  11. 30

    Sorry to break it to you Ukrainian supporters but NATO is losing this war and Ukraine will not be successful. Zelensky has sold out and let his country be destroyed. Americas behavior is bullying and will be resisted by the rest of the world. All 30+ NATO countries are losing against Russia's "rusty" army. Another US debacle in the making! Lets improve our country instead

  12. 33

    As a European, I am very grateful to the Ukrainians. I hope that the financial support, both from the US and the EU, will not stop. Russia has been preparing for this war for a long time, even if it didn't quite go according to plan. The Kremlin has been using the Internet and misinformation for many years to influence the opinion of Americans and Europeans and prepare the ground for its offensives. It pushes illegal migration in the EU to strengthen populists and pro Russian parties. This must stop.

  13. 35

    U war monger…… look at you, sending other countries sons to die for you. for decades people like you ahve been sending our sons/daughters to die for your politics. STOP SENDING MONEY TO UKRAINE…do you pepole realize this will never stop? we will be funding this for decades to come. STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP

  14. 36
    James Parker

    As anAirborne veteran, I can tell you "General" Milley is weak and woke and hated by the troops. And all those unearned medals for losing in Iraq. Losing in Afghanistan. For abandoning allies and equipment, and violating his oath to our US Constitution, he should be in Leavenworth with Austin as his cell mate. 🗽🇺🇸

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