Hear the Trump statement one source told Maggie Haberman was a “confession”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper speaks with New York Times reporter and CNN senior political analyst Maggie Haberman after former President Donald Trump gave multiple television interviews. #CNN #News

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    Cashin Tom

    DNC's Communist Dictator Plan A: 'Jail Trump for LIFE'! DNC know Trump will win in 2024. DNC doesn't have a Plan B!

    DNC is a wannabe Dictator! Russia Dictator Putin 'Jails for LIFE', his opponents! Save U.S.A. FROM DNC Communism!

    With Hateful hearts DNC's Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler & Schumer lied attempting to destroy President Trump! Voters are aware!

    Had Muller Investigation and Pelosi Impeachments not been FBI FISA Weaponized, Trump would be president TODAY!

    Who would themselves (DNC) Destroy a Patriot (TRUMP), they (DNC) too, will be Destroyed! Voters Decide Who WINS!

    Americans don't put Patriots in jail for LIFE! Americans Protect and Honor Patriots for LIFE! Voters Decide Who WINS!

    This is a call to action! Defend America's Republic and the People's President TRUMP! Demonstrate at every Trump Trial!

    DNC's Weaponized DOJ have been instructed to 'SILENCE TRUMP' during his campaign to be Elected President in 2024!

    DNC also attempts to disqualify Trump as a candidate for President, based on their DNC Weaponized DOJ Charges!

    VEMONSTRATE NOW AND UNTIL THE 2024 ELECTION! You will prevent a Civil War! Americans Will Vote Trump in 2024!

    Trump is the most abused president ever, by the DNC's FBI, DOJ, CIA, Media & Woke Leftist at both State & Federal Levels!

    Durham $6.5M FBI Trump-Russia probe and Muller $32M Investigation, BOTH Confirmed 'No Collusion'. VOTERS GET IT!

    The DNC fit perfectly with the saying: The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge!

    DNC MO "VOTE EARLY – VOTE OFTEN"! Minorities left the DNC! Minorities Now Support Trump and The American Dream!

    The Weaponized DNC, Biden, FBI, DOJ, CIA, HRC, Obama, Et Al will be held to account for Destroying the American Dream.

    CNN town hall meeting with President Donald Trump confirms Trump's Presidential Prowess WILL WIN Election in 2024.

    Trump faces indictment, after indictment, after indictment. Four, so far, and counting from DNC's Weaponized DOJ!

    DNC's Weaponized Biden, FBI, DOJ, CIA & Media at State/Federal levels attack Trump to prevent Trump's victory in 2024.

    The Democrat's, unintentionally, are doing everything possible to insure Donald J. Trump is reelected President in 2024!

    The Democrat's, intentionally, are doing everything possible to destroy Trump and America, and also cause a CIVIL WAR!

    Trump is The Peoples' President. Judge/Jury will never convict Trump. Voters demand GOP Primaries Nominate TRUMP! Trump must also pick a running mate to be Vice President. Our choice would be Vivek Ramaswamy as Vice President! Precedence Judgement of 'PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT'! – Every Cases against Trump will be Dead before they start! Case Fact: No Set Defined Presidential Declassification of Sensitive Documents exists, that Presidents MUST follow. Charges against Trump Confirms Weaponized Desperation of DNC's Biden, DOJ & FBI. Come 2024 Voters Vote Trump!

    Biden uses DNC's Weaponized DOJ attacking Trump while using the same DOJ giving son Hunter a Sweetheart Plea deal! Archer confirms Biden's influence peddling netted The Biden's up to $110 million from 2009-2017, on Obama's Watch! DNC, FBI, DOJ, CIA, HRC, Obama and Media will face Civil Law Suits for their abuses. DNC Voters are Now GOP Voters!

    Americans, regardless of party affiliation, must demand an end to the DNC weaponizing of the DOJ. Let the Voters Decide!

    Government Employees have a responsibility to protect the Constitution and the American Dream from Communist DNC!

    The Democrats have Fake False Promises Biden running for them. Is Biden DNC's 'Ace in the Hole' for the 2024 Election! OMG Biden's perpetual nonsense, when he speaks, makes him a metaphor for 'Biden is the Tunnel and Trump is the Light'! Alzheimer & Dementia patients, have good days & bad days! however Biden's symptoms, over time, progressively worsen! FYI: Section 4 of the 25th Amendment can and must remove President Biden! Biden is unfit to perform duties of the office!

    America was a Net Exporter of energy under President Trump. President Biden's Americans Now Exposed to OPEC Whims! Every State and or City, that is currently in decay, are today governed by Democrats! Save Your Cities/States! Vote Trump! The DNC's Biden are using their position of power to go after Trump instead of taking care of American Voters needs! Biden's Immigration Government lost track of millions of illegal immigrant children into the Sex Trafficking Underworld! Everything that has happened and will happen in the future is the direct result of The DNC Party Weaponizing Government!

    Voters Must Save America from WOKE and a Civil War! Voters will take the required steps! Trump Will be President in 2024. Please do your own research. FACT: Sadly American Politics has become brutal. It's mean, nasty, hateful & riddled with lies. Stop Fake Pics & News. It's Not Funny! It's Cruel! Save America! Vote For Trump! Please & thank you, for sharing this msg! What Voting Americans need to know, has been hidden for years, but no longer! Common Sense: Information Updated Daily.

  2. 9

    For 10 years, Georgian hackers Giorgi Diasamidze, born in Tbilisi on 05.02.1989, have harassed us in the most severe way possible through all our devices connected to the internet. He harassed us every second for 10 years, no matter what we did, no matter what was said at home, what we wore at home, in the most severe way possible, both audibly and visually, and it still continues. He stole all our social media accounts and opened new Gmail, Facebook, Instagram… accounts using our names, devices, and internet addresses. I wrote complaints to the Küçükçekmece prosecutor's office and the Constitutional Court many times about this issue, and each time, after learning the identity of this person, they decided not to prosecute. It turns out that this perverted Georgian undercover police officer has been given the authority to rape people as you wish, steal their property, take their lives, enter and leave their homes as you wish, nothing will happen to you. In fact, the plainclothes police officers who have been working at the Avcılar public order branch directorate for 3 years, the murderers they know and whom they have paid and hired, enter our house while we are sleeping or after we leave the house, infect our toothbrushes, dishes and food with viruses, steal our valuables from the house and put everything back when they leave. They lock the door and leave. When we die, they will say that they got sick and died because they died of the virus. Even though I changed the lock many times, it did not help. They were taking lessons from the locksmith on how to open people's locks and lock them back again. Me, my son, my mother and my father are seriously ill right now because of the murderer Turkish police. I don't know how much they shortened our lives, but it seems like they have no intention of stopping until we take our last breath. The only person responsible for our death is the murderous Turkish police, who murdered everyone for their own benefit, which has nothing to do with justice. And they always cover up these great crimes against humanity and save themselves from being punished by saying things like, "You're crazy, are you on medication, are you watching too many movies?" This is exactly the style of the current government, I'm sure many of you have heard these sentences from the police. I want us to survive, but I guess we don't have a chance. Türkiye. I'm Selime.

  3. 10
    Daniel Simon

    There will be no need for a pardon when even one Trump supporter shit cans the bogus politically motivated persecutions designed to stop him from mopping the floor with bumbling, mumbling, fumbling, stumbling dementia Joe Bribem…poopy diaper and all.

    It is called JURY NULLIFICATION, and all it takes is one juror in each case to derail all "charges".

    A juror/jury in a criminal case has an absolute and irreversable right/power to vote NOT GUILTY, and ignore all "facts", ignore all "evidense", ignore all "law" and all "instructions" from the "judge", and cannot be punished for doing so!!

    It is supported by federal case law and common law going back around 400 years…

    That is why you hear prosecutors whimpering and whining about a "polluted" jury..

  4. 13
    Robert Stanford

    The difference will be if they indict Dems they are going to have to have real evidence like Jack Smith does..Just making loud proclamations and accusations without solid supporting evidence won't fly.

  5. 17
    Luis Bento

    Go home anderson, your one of the reasons for your trashy network ratings, the public does not appreciate fake news any longer!

  6. 23

    You had attorneys telling you everything and that's why you and the world of hurt that you're in now because you did not listen to any of those attorneys

  7. 24
    Blair Jobson

    I’m sorry but that interview was as far from combative as you can get. CNN is like a mouthpiece for Trump now. In last 2 interviews you did with him you failed to challenge almost every single lie & misinformation troupe he spouts to the world. You no longer seem like a robust news organisation, im sorry it’s just sad. Instead you allow this uncontested reporting to occur which has only 1 outcome – the furtherance of Trumps misinformation campaign for voters. You normalise his craziness, his bigotry, his racism & fascism. News organisations like yourselves are so complicit in his continual popularity. Just look at Fox & how it crushes any weakness it finds in democrats; but in turn, you go out for fancy meals with Trumps senior staff, laughing along. When in fact, you ought to as strongly as humanly possible condemning every single lie, every single untruth & every single undemocratic thing this man does and espouses. That interview achieved that result by about 5%. Conne on, stop being part of the complicit problem & help the world to understand just how much of a threat he is to democracy.

  8. 25
    Helsinki Sissy

    I hope cnn had a better reason than the one I've heard for allowing trumps usual disinformation and lies to air, ( they should take a lesson from baier over at fox on how to handle that situation), because if it really was for ratings, then America is doomed

  9. 26
    Billy Pardew

    as far as Democrats are concerned . Everything he says is a confession
    When the reality is everything he says is the truth you call it a confession we call it truth …. Maybe the mainstream media needs to get together and try the truth once in a while

  10. 27
    Sosume 1

    Trump voters really hate any one who says anything bad about OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. And we don't forget eighter. We remember everything and everyone at election time.

  11. 31
    Donna Smith

    Lets hope so , how much farther can these country go. You all will not be happy until China has a flag in OUR soil. 4 more years Biden will have a lot more family money, yes . This country with the borders, debt, energy, cost of living our problems are at the breaking point. This country will be no more. I never belived in 3 years he could just about take the United States out. But he has.

  12. 32
    Donna Smith

    Lets hope so , how much farther can these country go. You all will not be happy until China has a flag in OUR soil. 4 more years Biden will have a lot more family noney . This country with the borders, debt, energy, cost of living . This country will be no more. I never belived in 3 years he could just about take the United States out. But he has.

  13. 34
    Stephen Masters

    What the uneducated working class don’t get is the House can impeach Biden every day they’re in session for the rest of his time in office…and no one cares but them…OMG. This is nuts… OK…I know they’re angry…about everything.

  14. 35
    Shelley Rusnell

    Why oh WHY does this network call Trump’Mr President’. Shows CNN is in MAGA’s pocket. Hey CNN , have you heard? Trump lost the election. so he’s NOT the president.

  15. 36
    R P Moore

    Another Lie By The Demoncratic Narrative . CNN loves " PRESIDENT TRUMP! " They Can't stop Talking about Him ( Trump For President 2024 ! )

  16. 40
    David Barraco

    Trump is a perpetual idiot who was given the presidency of the United States true crimes against humanity. What passes for normal? Today is truly criminal.

  17. 45
    pharmacy online

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