‘He is scum’: George Conway on the moral differences between Gen. Milley and Trump

Sen. Tommy Tuberville was confronted by Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin over Tuberville’s ongoing blockade of crucial military promotions due to Tuberville’s beliefs about abortion. Joy Reid and her panel discuss.
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  1. 1

    Have fun when your distant relatives getting geneolgoy reports. You, Tuberville will have very few branches that are admitted to. You made your bed, sleep in it.

  2. 15
    G K

    Trump is disgusting. He has made it okay for the slime of the earth to come out of their basements and spew their hate without shame.

  3. 18
    Dawn George

    Mark Milley stood with our Constitution against Mr Scum who
    had the gaul to suggest suspending the Constitution! Thank you
    General Milley!!

  4. 21

    What George Conway says it obvious and true – Trump is scum. The tragedy of our time is that so many Americans cannot see this obvious fact when it is presented to them. I don't know whether it is a failure of morality, intelligence, or what, but it tells me that our country is in trouble, and it is likely that Democracy may not work in an age where super-sophisticated marketing can make people believe anything and want anything. Many Americans love autocrats, hate science and scientists, and have no care for their fellow countrymen who are in trouble. I don't know if we can survive, and I don't know whether we should.

  5. 24

    That quote: "no one wants to see that" (veteran who survived severe wounds to limbs heart and brain), IS the American people. This is their cruelty, indeed a strong liking for cruelty, especially against children and women. It is the American people who applaud with a smirk when Mr Trump denigrates a journalist by exaggerating his limb movements which are effected by cerebral palsy. People like Mr Trump are insecure cowards, who can only act when they are assured of validation and an approving majority! He is the tip of the iceberg of the majority of American people who either enjoy cruelty, spitefulness, and indecency. Or turn a blind eye to the cruelty and injustice around them. It is the American people in who's name children were put into cages and, with the exception of a few thousand, let it happen in their midst, without protest.

  6. 26
    Trevor Porter

    Exactly — djtrump is scum. Politicians who support him are also scum. Voters who support him seem to be deluded victims of the cancer that is trumpism.

  7. 29
    John Craig

    Stop messing around and just hold a vote on the stupid so-called filibuster. Make these clowns actually vote. And get rid of the silent filibuster!

  8. 32

    Wasn’t DT dishonorable discharged from the military for his bone Spurs? Wait, he didn’t even joined 😳 who wants to vote for someone so repugnant?

  9. 35

    "Stop him from endangering our national security and helping our enemies." Truest statement. This reminds me of the time I saw an article saying Trump is playing checker while Putin plays the Chess…😮🔭

    Not even an insult… Just describing…🤗🤔🤔🤔

  10. 36
    Linda Blue

    I love George trying to stifle a laugh, and then just going for it. Wow that coming from a guy who faked bone spurs just so he wouldn't be drafted. What an A-hole. Why did we bring people like him places. He's a loser and a joke, no one wants to see that the stupid, idiotic, and fundamentally lacking integrity, honor, humanitarianism, empathy and plain common sense. Yeah no body wants to see that. A deranged lunatic running the country like a totalitarian regime. Yeah no body wants to see that. Ever! George right to the point and spot on. lol!

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