‘Haters gonna hate’: Taylor Swift sets off frenzy cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs

The story that has everyone talking: Taylor Swift was seen at Arrowhead Stadium supporting the Kansas City Chiefs, setting off rumors of a romance with tight end Travis Kelce.
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  1. 1

    So many jaded fools in this comment section. Forget Trump, why on earth would anyone want to duplicate the current administration? Our national inflation is off the charts, non tax paying migrants are pouring in unchecked, and other countries view us as a joke(and exploit our weak leadership). You sheep will learn the hard way…again.

  2. 4
    Todd Clifford

    Hey good for them a match made in heaven. That being said they are both multi millionaire who are unaffected by out of control inflation and the literal invasion of immigrants at our southern border. If Taylor and Kelce want to be true Americans use your platform to address that. Also that convertible they drove off into the sunset looked like it ran on that evil fossil fuel. They need to scrap that for a EV come guys you have a lot of influence don’t be Hippocrates.

  3. 5
    Pamela Wing

    Taylor Swift is just going to Shake It Off. People are SOOOOOOO jealous of what this young woman has accomplished and what she is doing and her very GOOD influence over young people. She started as a country singer, when she was 14, and was her own person then, SHE runs her own show, and is her own person now. The last thing Republicants want is for young people to vote.

    Taylor Swift is a force of nature, Cry your tears "conservatives".

  4. 15

    I think she needs a break and a fun time with friends, i don't hate it. All things work together for good. I think she deserves better.

  5. 17
    M Evramm

    Lol…The Worst senator Missouri has ever had..that's saying a lot..nobody likes her here in Missouri ..please stay in Swamp DC

  6. 18
    Americans Against Trump


  7. 19
    Jessica Mcgee

    That boy Travis got major swag. I don't care of nobody says, that man has a right to date whoever he wants. Haters gonna hate no matter what.

  8. 21
    Islander Byrd

    Taylor, keep up the great work. Young people need to vote BLUE against Trump. He is already talking about executing people. Vote Blue to Fight Fascism in the US. DEFEAT TRUMP.

  9. 26
    Edward Patterson

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift should be careful donald trump and his followers are a BUNCH of Nuts no telling what a NUT might do be careful out there .when is the white house going to put a stop to all this lunacy a lot of us have had enough about donald trump and his followers it's about time he was made to stop making all these threats over and over to people and there family's.maybe he should watch his back and his followers who think they can say anything should watch there backs down with these TRAITORS

  10. 30
    Timmy Waggoner

    Yes people, Taylor swift wants you to vote….
    WOKE,Democrat and ayone with a brain cant vote becuz theyll vote republican. She wants to destroy America.She very seldom loses,loves her some Super WOKE joe biden.If it was a law to have an IQ over 50 to vote, the WOKE democratics would no longer win ANYTHING

  11. 31

    That is a really nice car, but I wouldn’t let my daughter go out on a date in it. My son as well. Her people must have been freaking out.

  12. 36

    Whether they are dating, just friends hanging out or this is simply a publicity stunt I’m here for it. Travis and Taylor both use their popularity for great things. Swifties, Chiefs’ fans and 92%ers unit!!!! GO VOTE!

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