Gutfeld: New York City may take down statues of historical figures

Greg Gutfeld and friends discuss a proposal by the New York City Council to take down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Columbus.

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  1. 1

    We are appalled that early American aristocrats derived their wealth from buying and owning slaves in the same way that our grandchildren will be appalled that we owned internal combustion engines.

  2. 6
    Charlie Turner

    Erasing history, censoring opposition, imprisoning protesters….is this still America or have we become another version of Mao's China or Stalin's Russia?

  3. 7
    Dai Baden

    Are they tearing down the MLK statue because he was a known wife beater? Or paining over the George Floyd’s murals because he was a drug dealing thug?

  4. 11
    Mark Roberts

    Everybody was a slave at one point in time Baxter slaves Indians were slaves Europeans were slaves whites were slaves everybody was a slave and everybody had slaves there is no innocent people

  5. 19
    Cam Bridge

    Yawn. Late to the party guys.

    In Canada we are WAY ahead of the curve.

    The purple hair folks have taken down pretty much all of the statues of John A McDonald. Just the founder of our country; that's all.

    Just history getting erased. Nothing to see, really.

  6. 20

    Zoo York is a toilet 💩 🕳️ anyway filled with leftist liberals of course they wanna take things like this down, to put in place other figures from other nations they are paying & encouraging to come to this country ILLEGALLY!! FLB!!

  7. 23
    Vanita Mann

    Texas has had some statues removed. We can't erase or change history, it doesn't matter how bad or good it was. We have to learn from it and remember it. We don't want to repeat it.

  8. 24

    Communist parties take down statues. Marxism removes statues. Fascist removes statues. These parties are afraid of the freedom of what these statues represent. These political parties do not tolerate any form of political opposition or ideas. So, the real question is, what political party is in control of our country?

  9. 26

    A common trait among moronic ideologues is arbitrarily applying their own subjective morality to other eras, and using that as justification for destroying art, monuments and symbology.

    The Bolsheviks did it, the Khmer Rouge did it, the CCP did it, ISIS did it and now Democrats are doing it

  10. 28
    Jeff Flowers

    Back in the Antifa/BLM riots Charleston SC took down historical (racist?) statues. What they didn't notice or admit is the statues were all of Democrats.

  11. 31
    Daniel Dauenhauer

    The Occam's Razor explanation for why we're being treated like a conquered people — our ancestors maligned, our history deconstructed into a slanderous lie, our genetic and cultural heritage demonized as the literal source of all evil — is because we are a conquered people. This confronts us with the question of how to liberate ourselves, and it would be wise to figure out who conquered us and how. To elaborate, we were apparently conquered "in place" by the Western ruling class and clerisy becoming alienated from the nations, and so our problem/opportunity set is different than that caused by military conquest; but it will also be different depending on our rulers' present character, which depends on the mechanism of alienation. It makes a difference whether all that happened is the rich kids grew up wicked snobs, or if our leadership class was itself replaced (in whole or in part) by different families entirely; since in the latter case they could be fundamentally non-Anglo or even non-Western, with an entirely different set of values and talents, but also of reflexes and weaknesses.

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