GOP rep. threatens Biden with a subpoena for his ‘pathetic’ border policies

Rep. Jodey Arrington, R-Texas, joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the government’s ongoing spending battle and the Biden administration’s controversial border policies. #foxbusiness

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  1. 1
    Avalynne Wilby

    Republicans voted 191 to 4 to not fund the Border. They can't blame Biden if they are not funding his policies and actions to address the border issues. Do your research.

  2. 4
    Tina Branch

    Close boarder will make it easier in America to many other countries in this country on stolen land which belongs to the American Indians they do have other countries they married into and probably would like the countries they married into families instead of all these strangers over crowding the place

  3. 5
    Tina Branch

    Now if they vote it is unconstitutional and that vote for President would be invalid that's like cheating maybe we don't need a federal government cause if everyone is crossing the boarder then what do you need a President for and a Congress maybe we just need the Highest Supreme Court and the Indians can have there own government on their land

  4. 7

    I believe all those In power had there hands in cookie jar 🏺to enrich them selves. America is suffering from all the abuse.

  5. 8
    George Hoey

    The bottom line is going to be whether there is any truth in the phrase, "Do you want to protect tghe border?" Let's see if that really happens amidst all of the brevado going on. We have seen and heard this show before and it usually winds up with the usual spending spree taht thew Dems want. Also, let's see how the give-away to Ukraine goes, whichis a real fiasco.

  6. 10
    No Story Stagnates - Ernie Boxall

    I'm a bit confused. You attacked Matt Gaetz for outlining why he will not support the September budget bacause of overspending and you attack him for holding up impeachment of biden. Matt can control; the spending or non-spending of the budget…a biden impeachment will get nowhere because of McCarthy and Mcconnell

  7. 20
    Red Horse

    Question. How can a city raise property tax and then on top of that the county raises property taxes. That's double taxation on the taxpayers. It's unconstitutional. Taxes on anything except earned wages is unconstitutional in my opinion. Taxes are a form of theft and is damaging the people of this nation. Remember what happened when we had Taxation without representation. Go figure. The PEOPLE have the power of the purse of this nation, not the government.

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