GOP rep. praises Byron Donalds as Florida lawmaker eyes potential governor run in 2026 #shorts

Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., argues her colleague would do a ‘great job’ as governor of Florida.

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  1. 5
    April Eden

    I thought he an Trump would make a great pair for the white house in all honesty but what do i know. I think he would be a great president also. He carse about the America an the people.

  2. 12
    Derek Forreal

    With the way that desantis showed his true colors as a politician he lost my vote for governor. I would love to see someone as straight forward and unwavering as Donald is to run for governor. It would be hard to get me to vote for anyone else judging from what I've seen him do in Washington and hearing his stance on most things. I think he would do a really good job representing our state.

  3. 13

    So far I do like and respect Byron. I'm much older now, though, and I'm wary of everybody because I've watched so many pivot once they gain more power.

  4. 14
    Perry Belcòurt

    President Putin has two wars ships in Cuba and Chinese spies in Cuba and the billionaire is destroying Florida Texas California New York cheap labor leaving Florida and California and New York and maybe the elites can pick vegetables and fruits

  5. 19

    It looks like Ron has cut his own throat, I'm curious , what the hell he was thinking, And I think this other gentleman would make a Great Governor! Seems like a great guy and a great American. It's exactly what we need and we don't need to look at skin color It's not even an issue. We need more people that are simply Americans that love America that'll fight for America because they are automatically Republicans

  6. 22
    Scott D’s fishing

    She is absolutely awesome. She has never wavered from wanting what’s best for the people so glad that I live in a part of Florida where I was able to vote for her directly so thankful that she is representing me and my family.

  7. 26
    Ram Chandra

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  8. 27
    Ram Chandra

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