GOP lawmaker: I ‘dare’ Biden, Democrats to shut down the government

Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, discusses the Biden administration’s border policy and ‘chaos’ in Washington amid a potential government shutdown. #varney

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  1. 2
    everett watson

    Congress should not have the power to shutdown the government. The president can not declare war without the consent of congress. Congress should not have the power to shut down the government. The President does not have the power to shut down the government! The judiciary does not have the power to shut down the governments. Congress should not have the power to decide whether they can shut down the government or not. Congress voting to reduce their own power is like rigged court. A kangaroo court. Shutting down the government is not a legislative power given to them. They are barred constitutionally! The tenth amendment bars government shutdown! The judiciary can intercede!

  2. 3

    Could you imagine processing all these people? This is a nightmare. No wonder border patrol are committing suicide.

  3. 5
    Gary Watson

    This is diffently going to make history??? How do we explain this to our families we worked so hard for? I just don't understand why this isn't considered Treason 😢😢😢

  4. 9
    Helen Guinooban

    America is not a communist country to have border wall. The wall was started by Trump which his father came from Germany so he was born here like everybody else in America. Wall is mot good either because they could place a ladder to come down here. Guards are better. The drug dealers might just throw the dtugs over the wall.

  5. 14
    Fred K

    How can we overcome the school-of-fish media who will declare a government shut down on the Republicans? It works every time it is tried.

  6. 16


  7. 18
    Sissy Peak

    Biden does not care about the American people period. He could shut down the government and we don t receive SS or anything else but the government will continue to be paid and the illegals will continue to be treated like royalty.

  8. 26
    Roger Painter

    Denocrats will definitely not agree to anything that will keep the government open. They know it will ruin joe Bidens impeachment for his influence pedalling & treason crimes.

  9. 28
    Tobin Whitman

    It will be Republicans that shut down the government! It always is! They preach scare tactics and fear and the cult takes the bait hook, line and sinker every time!

  10. 29

    FOX can you get this to Neils? desk: Hey Neil, why do you keep giving all the Marxist/Democrats a platform while you sit and smile like pumpkin and not say a word???? I just heard Biden has the mental acuity and you said not one word about his gaffs and global embarrassment every time he speaks????? You smiled???,lol,,,You do this all the time, never dispute, maybe once we saw it, learn some facts.Thought you would have been fired when Sheppard was fired!

  11. 31
    Earl Ahmer

    Trump or not If anyone other than biden gets in in 2024. Why? Because they are going to look at the status of everything and realize the only thing they can do is fix as much damage as they can during their 4 yrs.

  12. 34

    You republicans are HILARIOUS with the lies to scare us. HA HA HA. Wooo so scary. World is ending. Meanwhile, Biden is getting the job done. Biden is the best president in 100 years. GOP is finished and ridiculous. Go ahead, lose elections. Bye bye.

  13. 35

    "An analysis by The Texas Newsroom of nearly a decade’s worth of data from the U.S. Department of Labor found a 36% increase in demand for H-2A workers from 2021 to 2022." "H-2A workers are non-U.S. citizens who are qualified to perform agricultural work in the United States…"

  14. 38
    Walter Horn

    Close it down it’s not like they actually do anything anyway far as I can tell the last three years everything is done is made it worse maybe sending them all home would make it better

  15. 40

    Close it down So they get no pay checks they dont deserve getting payed they do nothing for us anyway just take are taxes we pay there checks

  16. 41
    Brett Davidson

    No one cares about the boarder and if republicans cared about the bad economy they pretend to and whine about they wouldnt be shutting down the goverments jobs every time they dont get there way

  17. 44
    Brett Davidson

    Goverment will shut down due to the fact Maga Morons were sent to dc as a former republican voter who hates both partys Democrats have never shut the goverment down because theyre not the party of big Ceos and Corporate interests at least not in the way republicans are.

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