GOP lawmaker blasts McCarthy in new blistering statement

Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN) speaks to CNN after issuing a critical statement about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as time is running out to prevent a government shutdown. #CNN #news

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  1. 2
    Tina Mizhir

    People do worker harder than Kevin, he doesn't work for the American people – he works for the corrupt Maga reps that he sold out to, to get his job! He is a useless joke and will go down in history as such!

  2. 6
    Tanya Jackson-Smith

    Poor McCarthy never got the chance to be his OWN man, having to kiss the ass of all of his MAGA colleagues in his Confederate Party. Tsk, tsk. Keven couldn’t carry Nancy Pelosi’ jock strap. Talk about a “has been” before he even got his feet wet. 🤣😂🤣. Kevin, grow a pair!

  3. 9
    Evelia Loung

    It’s so time for republicans to come forward and do their jobs. Letting a few nuts control what is going on is unacceptable. 💕💖✌💖💕 GOD Bless Everyone 💕💖✌💖💕

  4. 10

    No news from Ukraine, they’re losing the war. But US taxpayers know the score; Zelenskyy comes begging and they’ll pay more. Billions wasted while their own country is dying , neither party will help them please tell me I’m lying

  5. 13
    Donald Terres

    It’s so time for republicans to come forward and do their jobs. Letting a few nuts control what is going on is unacceptable. 💕💖✌💖💕 GOD Bless Everyone 💕💖✌💖💕

  6. 14

    From an independent, previously Democrat. I applaud the first gentleman. He gets it. I will listen to anyone with reasonable ideas.

  7. 15
    Hypno Kitten

    "I want everyone to know I take full responsibility, and by that I mean its all his fault". And yet, somehow, she still comes out as less self-serving then McCarthy and a lot of the others in the GOP. … that's the state of the GOP now, that someone can say that and still have more moral high-ground then other Republicans. *sigh*. We don't need a third-party in this country at the moment, we need a second functional one. Then we can get to work on a third.

  8. 16
    Sheryl Allen

    A government shutdown was never suppose to happen now that is why McCarthy and Biden had the big meeting and agreement back in January to settle all this shit! So now what we are going to do this crap what monthly now! Because the mega cannot do their job and pretend to act like they give a damn! It is disgusting! What do they care if they shut the government down they will not suffer they have money!!! I will never put in a vote for one of those mega republicans!! Just ass holes!!!

  9. 19
    Jonathan T. Modesto

    (Daniel 9:27 was fulfilled on August 13 2023 also when the woman began travailing in birth in order to fulfill the time of the gentiles for the mystery of Revelation 12 to be completed, Daniel 12:1 next, three riders released within 2020 and 2023. These words are true and worthy, he who has ears to hear let him hear.)

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    Gospel of Luke, chapter 21, verse 8 to 11.

    “All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.”

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    “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

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    Gospel of Luke, chapter 17, verse 34 to 36.


  10. 21
    Eric Schryver

    They have to find a new fake boogeyman. We're trillions and trillions in debt. We have no interest in stopping the flow of illegals. We fund stupid forigen conflicts while American veterans need help. The American economy is in shambles, and the Republicans is panicking about spending while they've been signing checks for a while. While democrats keep doubling down on outrageous spending and absurd culture wars. In the end, the parties will line their pockets and blame the other.

  11. 23
    max herndon

    If i dont get my social security because of this crap , ill be very ANGRY . These guys are acting like Putins and Xi s lapdogs and dont even care !

  12. 25

    Glad to see that there are still some serious leaders in the GOP that are willing to call out the clown-show of the MAGA extremists. Unfortunately, the most ethical members are being forced out by the Party which is being led by Trump. McCarthy is the epitome of the feckless, power hungry politician with no ideas or capacity to lead.

  13. 30
    Dave Mulka

    CNN whats happening there. New ceo, shifting your hack reporters to different time slots, a failed attempt at a streaming service and yet you keep getting lower in the ratings. Do you think that the people, aside from a very few, have realized that CNN has no credibility?

  14. 31
    stanley Whittaker

    He didn't " blast " anyone. Again your tantalizing headline isn't all that. Just trying to get stupid people to think something that isn't. Just like white man Dump.

  15. 32
    Ryan Kennedy

    Isnt it clear to everyone that the GOP is going to shutdown the government? Thats whats coming next. The GOP should be working for Americans. Not just working for #45. This is not what our founders had in mind. Many need to be shown the door. They should be ashamed

  16. 33

    Republicans seem more unified when they are in the minority. Put them in charge and they just fight among themselves 😂😅😂

  17. 35
    Jazz Lewis

    Okkkk. What's going on with you CNN.. Y'all must be under some kind of new management's. And if soooo.. Get Rid Of It.. It's not working for your viewers..
    And what happened to the older reporter's that gave us the news on facts checking ppl when interviewing them.. Y'all need to take a few notes from MSNBC..

  18. 38
    Hans Michael Reitz

    It is funny but in 2016 I said the as soon as the Yankees stopped beating around the BUSH for some reason they started TRUMPEETING………Could Putin and TRUMP be brothers ??

  19. 39
    Lorenzo Arenas

    Good for Victoria for speaking up on the dysfunctionality.
    Tough guy Byron Donalds over here basically saying "Im bigger than you so come at me". This… this is what republican voters want to represent them? A f**king bouncer LMAO.

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