George Conway: It doesn’t matter to House GOP what Garland says about Hunter Biden

George Conway weighs in on the Hunter Biden investigations and why he says House Republicans won’t be satisfied regardless of how the DOJ handles them.

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George Conway: It doesn’t matter to House GOP what Garland says about Hunter Biden

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  1. 4
    Go Bananas

    For F's sake why are Democrats ignoring Jared Kushner ? He is is obviously corrupt so why does he deserve to get off free and not have to account for his $2 billion from the Saudis ? Why ignore Ivanka who miraculously got 41 China trademarks expedited. What quid pro quo was that for ?
    Democrats need to start playing hardball because right now they are being walked over by Republicans who really don't care a hoot about the Justice Department, Garland, the law, morals, principles, ethics or anything else that won't benefit their devious machinations to take over the country and destroy our Democracy.

  2. 5
    Rick Bachman

    Biden Crime Family made millions from overseas. The liberal media will ignore, downplay and make excuses for them. Thank you House Republicans for at least trying to investigate.

  3. 6
    Dennis O'Connor

    Any way that Hunter Biden is being treated unfairly is offset by all the favorable he has received. What’s the harm in looking into the investigation further. There’s something fishy going on and there’s a plethora of circumstantial evidence

  4. 8

    No, it's all about tweaking real news items into something that outrages their violent and gullible followers.
    That is the ONLY reason fascists lie – to make their followers angry enough to murder.

  5. 13

    Listen, Republican don’t care what anyone says. They are not dealing in reality. Just vengeance and retribution and idolatry of their God….. D.J Trump. Cut off the head of the snake and the body dies.

  6. 14
    lewis street

    Conway’s explanation was so obscure and difficult to follow that I wonder if anyone out there really understood the legal logic of his argument? My impression is that Conway’s explanation with all the caveats and twists and turns instead of clarifying the issue it had the opposite effect!!!

  7. 17
    Christopher Bachman

    The "Just Us" folks know better than to admit the truth.
    Hunter was setup by the prosecution.
    His defense attorneys didn't see it coming?
    I suspect that they are complicit.

  8. 18
    Bill Oakes

    The republicans need to be continually reminded Hunter is not running for president and is not president now nor has he ever been president.

  9. 23
    judith sullivan

    Garland's incompetentence left a bunch of collaborators unindicted so they took over and are blackmailing us to comply or they'll burn us down. He has no credibility. He's useless.

  10. 25
    Wilfried Hölscher

    Jared and Ivanka?
    Don Jr?
    Eric and Laura?
    No one can be above the Law regardless of Name. If Hunter Biden broke the Law he should pay the price. The Trumps as well.

  11. 29

    It doesn't matter to a Biden what courts say. As Hunter sues the IRS he never paid and Joe sets up a war room to tell media what to post after meta has to payout

  12. 33

    The line-up should include Joe Biden’s presidential scum campaign members Antony Blinken and others as John Podesta whom prompted former acting CIA Director Mike Morell to “help Biden” by organizing 50 colleagues to sign a letter in October 2020 falsely claiming that damning emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop published were Russian disinformation.

  13. 37
    T. R. Campbell

    It’s interesting to watch the Biden operation. When the president goes out in a meet and greet with potential huge donors, Hunter, Biden is standing off of the presidents left or right shoulder. The president introduces Hunter to this potential donor, and then Hunter moves in with business cards and the promise to get in touch and do business. They then go onto the next. This is a well oiled Biden family machine that we are looking at. I can understand how hard this is for you. I can understand that the truth can’t hurt very badly. But we see this going on in whether it is republican or democrat. We must call it out.

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