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    Jay H

    Tommy Tuberville should watch this and see what true patriot looks alike.

    Tuberville from AL is causing nation security problems and

    helping Chinese government which he doesn't get how.

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    Sergey Sergeev

    If anyone does not know. Let me explain one fact about the current government of Ukraine, they are not legitimate.

    In 2014, there was a military seizure of power, armed militants seized power in Ukraine and forced the current government to flee the country.

    These militants declared themselves the main ones in the country.

    Since then, since 2014, militants have been ruling on the territory of “Ukraine”.

    Having gained access to the state army, these militants unleashed a war with Russia.

    There is no need to recognize the terrorists of Ukraine as if they are the government, they are not, these are war criminals who have seized the country by armed seizure.

    For 9 years now, terrorists in the power of Ukraine have been waging a military conflict with Russia for the money of Western countries that have agreed to sponsor them. It is not normal.

    Understand that Ukraine is not a state since 2014, it is a territory ruled by terrorists and neo-fascists.

    Zelensky is the leader of this terrorist organization. He is a dictator. Nazi dictator of the 21st century.

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    Sergey Sergeev

    Why does everyone pretend that Ukraine is a country. Now I will explain what I mean.

    In 2014, terrorists took over Ukraine, broke into the parliament and took over the government.

    Tell me, does the country exist after the destruction of statehood? Can there be a country with a destroyed constitution and anarchy in the laws? The answer is no. Ukraine broke up in 2014.

    The terrorists who took over the country decided to hold their own fake elections. The countries of the EU and the US benefit from such terrorists, because they agreed to be an aggressor against Russia, but in return the US and the EU turned a blind eye to the fact that they are illegitimate.

    It turns out that we have a fake illegitimate country "Ukraine" in the power of which the terrorists, but everyone pretends that this is normal.

    No, the country has not existed since 2014. She ceased to exist.

    Now the EU and the US are sending weapons to outright criminals and felons, war criminals.

  4. 13

    It's just a WIN WIN situation for Capitalism…
    First weapon use payed by TAX, Later a new big Country for selling stuff….

  5. 19

    Milley has no idea what he is saying. Probably he is just delivering a pre-prepared speech. What he says is totally opposite of what happens. You will see soon.

  6. 21
    jul cesars

    Supporting a very corrupt country like UKRAINE is a very bad idea that will accelerate the fall of America.
    That's why my country will stop that stupid military aide as soon as possible otherwise we will face the same fate.

  7. 22
    Green Planet

    To American people: Do you have problem with chinese or China? American government keep on bla bla – ing nonsense as if China is invading your country. Why don't cut ties with China completely then.

  8. 23
    Axel Sohn

    It is an outrage that Milley is still lying about the progress and capability of the Ukrainian army. That army is decimated and has penetrated nothing while losing many humdreds of troops and large numbers of vehicles on a daily basis. So, who is he kidding? I remember General Martin Dempsey who told it like it is and has retired without feeding at the Military Industrial trough. In contrast, Milley is a lap dog waiting to cash in with the military contractors after he retires.

  9. 24
    Moreno Crescenzo

    Sad to see him go 😢. He has been in service when us had great war result has Vietnam , iraq , Somalia etc etc etc etc .
    Not to mention that now you have Two enemy Russia and China , just what Kennedy did not want .

  10. 28
    I Laser

    1:19 I'm sure if war broke out tomorrow it wouldn't take the US 9 months to get the equipment there, that's a poor excuse and also ignores the reluctance to give specific weapons and then u-turning that decision much later.

  11. 29
    Doug Lackie

    Ummm after a while you run out of soldiers regardless how many weapons they keep sending Ukraine! Enough blood shed on a proxy war! Time for peace talks!

  12. 30
    İbrahim Ünsal

    Amerika’nın süper güç serüveni son bulmak üzere son 20 yılı sonrası iç kargaşa parçalanmak çünkü dünya artık Amerika’yı besleyemiyor doğanın kanunu bakamıyorsan öldür

  13. 35

    The war needs to end. Ukraine needs to get a large portion of their coastline back. But a settlement needs to be reached. What exactly are the Ukrainians fighting for at this point? Demolished wastelands inhabited to people that want to be part of Russia anyways?! Pretty stupid really. Yeah, Putin was absolutely wrong for his invasion. But it all could’ve been avoided had we given The Russians a guarantee that Ukraine wouldn’t join NATO. We could still make them an ally and have them in the EU. Ridiculous war that should’ve never have happened. We had our chance to bring Ukraine into NATO 20 years ago. We didn’t do it. We wouldn’t allow them in. A settlement needs to be reached. Too many people dying needlessly at this point.

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