Gen. Mark Milley on a ‘mistake’ he made with Trump

GPS host Fareed Zakaria talks to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, about a “mistake” he made with former president Donald Trump, and how he wouldn’t do it again. #CNN #News

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  1. 1
    Maga-maga-man Megaman

    US Military Going To The Dogs – Look it up

    Celebrate Pup Pride with the Armed Forces! Gay officers pretend to be canines for sadomasochistic sex games

    Between pervert Generals and DEI we will have an ineffective Military soon

  2. 2

    respect for this man. but he made other major mistakes…the cut and run travesty coming out of afghanistan is a much much bigger mistake.

  3. 3
    Paul C

    Gen Miley is an exceptional General officer. He handled a uniquely difficult situation with humility, clarity and unquestionable integrity. The US military engaged in domestic politics is a thin line away from using force against US civilians. Encroachment on that line must be staunchly avoided. Thank you sir.

  4. 6
    Jay H

    Tommy Tuberville should watch this and see what true patriot looks alike.

    Tuberville from AL is causing nation security problems and

    helping Chinese government which he doesn't get how.

  5. 7
    Marc Rhodes

    He goes with Trump to visit a wounded soldier, and lies, and says he "didn't know he was going to a political event, and left after 30 seconds. " does that make sense? Most liars are bad liars. HE APPROVED DRAG SHOWS, TRANSSEXUALS, AND PREGNANT WOMEN IN THE MILITARY! THEN BASHES THE PRESIDENT IN SENATE HEARINGS AND ON TV. SICKENING. We are supposed to exude strength, power, readiness, EXCELLENCE. OUR ENEMIES LAUGH AT US AS THEY UNDERMINE OUR POSITIONS AROUND THE WORLD, ALL WHILE TAKING BILLIONS FROM US TO HURT INNOCENT PEOPLE. Our too military leadership have to be the most serious Patriots, not injecting themselves into politics. General MacArthur was fired for criticizing Eisenhower, even though he was a "Great man " but undermined the solidarity that is necessary to prevent erosion of our prestige. Peace through strength is the only way

  6. 8
    Marc Rhodes

    This man is an embarrassment to us. He pulled out a badly disabled veteran to sing. He has gone on every leftist news outlet to bash Trump, and encourages service people to read Karl marx! But no, he's "non political " 😅

  7. 9
    J K

    Thank goodness Gen Milley served his term under Trump despite his belief that doing so was a mistake.

  8. 13
    M W

    Former White House chief of staff, retired Marine Gen. John Kelly, has said that President Trump “is the most flawed person” he’s ever known.

  9. 14
    Billy Pardew

    After after the x capital police chief testified a few days ago that general milley and Nancy pelosi both refused to send national guard on three different occasions on January 6th I want to know when is his court-martial

  10. 16

    A real hero is a man big enough to admit mistakes. I have respect for general Milley. I wish that he could educate these MAGA, GOP that the military does not come in and take over for a president. Their heads were filled full of crap. By by a guy that wanted to destroy the government of this country and become a 100% dictator. There is absolutely no way that would ever be allowed and if attempted the military at some point has a duty to the constitution to take him out.😮

  11. 17
    Jack Goff

    Hopefully when this piece of sheet retires in a few days someone shortens it for him. This traitor should be behind bars or worse.

  12. 19
    Brian McLaughlin

    Rather than seeing the Writing on the Wall and cooling your jets, CNN has committed to Increasing Frequency and 'Creative' nature of their Famous Propaganda Machine….Lies.

  13. 20
    Harr W

    Really? I don't believe one minute of your 'mistake.' Did Trump threaten you if you were not there? I doubt it. You are a grown ass man, a flucking General no less. You made a mistake, absolutely not, you were there to see how an Authoritarian President handled peaceful protests and stood by and let it happen. You should resign and never look back. NO RESPECT FOR YOU!!!!!

  14. 21
    Bruce Butler

    General Miley donned the Army's battle dress uniform to confront protesters in Lafayette Park. Battle dress confronted the protesters in a way class A or dress blue would not. The act bespoke a conscious premeditated photo-op calculated to depict military antagonism toward citizen protesters. It was no accident. It was done in violation of the passe comitatus act; it was authoritarian; and it was unbecoming of the officer corps. Everlasting shame on him.

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