Former Columbia University OB-GYN sentenced for abusing patients

Two months ago, former Columbia University OB-GYN sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing patients. Now new reporting reveals what happened at Columbia when he practiced there. Bianca Fortis shares her reporting on the story.
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  1. 7
    Petey Grizz

    Institutions will always take actions to protect the institution over the individuals. It doesn’t matter if it’s religious, secular, corporate, educational, or political they will always react to save their own jobs. You can’t expect any large, profitable organization to do the right thing if it means losing money.

  2. 17
    Dave Watt

    Let's face it, the only thing Columbia is worried about is money. Helping the hundreds of women victims has a weight of zero to them.

  3. 19

    I am a female physician and but am not an OB/GYN.

    To women AND men. If you are having an examination or procedure of an area of you body that involves exposing yourself in a way that makes you feel vulnerable, or with a practitioner you don’t know or trust, ask for a chaperone. I’ve always done my pelvic and male genital exams with a nurse present. This was especially true when working with uninsured patients (some of whom could be desperate and litigious, though overall they were the most grateful and pleasant patients I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.) The ONE time I did an unaccompanied breast exam (I kid you not) the patient called 911 on me in the lobby and filed a police report on me. This was not taken seriously by either responding officer, the CEO, or medical director and was never followed up on.

    However, THAT is the importance of having someone else present. What if she had not been off of her psychiatric medication and misinterpreting my intentions? Women get dismissed all the time. I would be quite easy for a doctor with an excellent reputation to get away with misconduct for a while.

    But to dismiss over 200 women’s claims is very very disturbing. Health care facilities should be patient havens. And OB/GYN’s should be womens advocate.

    And that this predator’s behavior was being covered up is very very infuriating and unconscionable. There can not be enough compensation for the victims.

  4. 21
    Sonia Korchynski

    Save yourself, never trust a male Dr. , thats the world they have created, on purpose. Stupid and lacking foresight, good quality in providers of HIGHER education.

  5. 22
    Sonia Korchynski

    245 min number of victims and only 20 years, that's not justice. Patriarchy is violent and abusive, they like it that way. 21 century and still protecting predators.

  6. 24
    Elaine Isabelle

    So disgusting, I used to go to OBGYN in the 80's and with my legs spread eagle on the table, he would say, looking good and other creepy things. I was so embarrassed.

  7. 25
    Frau Hulda

    Man I thought this something else….very not interested in this nonsense…..aren’t even more OBG-YNs gonna be in prison from helping women have control over their own bodies?

  8. 27

    There is a pattern here. Larry Nassar, anoyone? anyone? Olympic gymnast physician? If I were a woman, I would never go to a male OB-GYN. I'd be incredibly wary of men in general in training, coaching, etc.

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