Forget Biden. Here’s ‘stable genius’ Donald Trump in his own bizarre words

The media can’t help talking about President Biden’s age ahead of 2024. But if they really want to talk about a candidate’s age and mental competency, maybe they should look at one Donald J. Trump.

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  1. 1
    Murphy Thompson

    "In his own words". Sure is something MSNBC likes to pretend they don't want to hear. But as in their last "Meet The Press" they love giving voice to.

  2. 2

    Stupid is as stupid does ….. Frump the dumbest career criminal of all time …… 🤔🤮

  3. 6
    Mike Kelly

    Trump is just stupid, ignorant and vulgar. That's not age related, in fact it could be argued that he stopped maturing at around age 8. Unfortunately, he also has the narcissists instinctive low cunning, which is what has served to keep him ahead of the posse so far.

  4. 11
    Cecilia McGowan

    If Dark Brandon is so senile how does he manage to make gonestreat wins over the pubtards. At least he's not a dishonest traitor fomenting insurrection.

  5. 18
    Fay Sitler

    They don't want his vice president becoming president when he dies, so in other words they hate the idea of a black woman being president😮😊

  6. 19
    Sally F

    I know 30 year olds who function just as well as Biden. He is fit, he is slim, he gets exercise, he eats well, and has good habits. Biden stammers and speaks in a quiet voice, but is well spoken and is smart. He is religious and is a caring person. He is mentally balanced, He is very appropriate for the office of POTUS. Trump, not at all.

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